Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Is the Transfer Portal Becoming NCAA Free Agency?

Kids that find success on the field and the court are jumping into the Transfer Portal to see if they can increase their bank account vs. finding a better fit.  I've always supported these athletes' making money but the combo between NIL and the Transfer Portal is really opening Pandora's Box. 

It was reported yesterday that Xavier Worthy was offered 7 figures to leave Texas and he wasn't even in the portal.   The top returning NCAA WR Jordan Addison who won the Biletnikoff Award last season, jumped into the portal prior to the deadline.  Reports are that Jordan was in LA prior to making the decision and that USC is in play for his services.  There is also a rumored $3M offer from South Carolina.  Everything that has always been done in the dark has now come into the light.  Texas A&M and Miami reportedly have huge NIL budgets to get their teams back into the top tier of college football. 

I'm not following the Emoni Bates situation closely but I would imagine he is in a similar situation.  The latest is, Bates might be heading to Louisville, I don't believe Michigan has any interest.  

NIL and the Transfer Portal are 2 trends that don't favor the Wolverine program.   It's well known that it is very difficult to get transfers passed the admissions office.  Michigan has NIL money but they're not going to overpay for one player. Remember the reported $250K Clemson made Rashaun Gary?  That is a laughable amount at this point. 

If you're a 5-star recruit, you are going to get paid to come to a school, then you make a huge impact on the field.   You'll make even more money to leave.  

  • The new Big Ten TV deal is expected to be over $1B a year. It will go into effect in 2023.
  • Dante Moore, instate 5-star QB just visited Oregon.  None of the insiders have predicted this recruitment.  See above to maybe a reason why. 
  • Diabate has been invited to the NBA Combine.  


ScottyDoggs said...

Pandora's box is right! for basketball and football.... in a few years it's going to be crazier than the incoherent comments from "Michigan man"! And that is bad news (my fellow inmates of BHB)!

Chowman said...

Look UofM can play "holier than thou" and get bypassed by programs that they looked at as lesser programs, or they can step it up. Look lets be real, college football and men's basketball are big money businesses. I'm talking billions with a "B". It's cute that they want to keep the appearance of being an elite educational college when it comes to college athletes, but lets be real. If it weren't for their football/basketball talent, there are recruits admitted that wouldn't get in otherwise. Look, you don't want to ease the transfer credit policy to get into UofM for football/basketball, ok. Not saying I get it cause how many guys really end up with a useful degree (general studies/sports mgmt? Please!), but whatever. but they really have to do a better job with the NIL. You got Hunter Dickinson basically saying Michigan's NIL programs SUCKS! Do a better job! Otherwise, you're going to fall by the wayside!

Rudy said...

meh, we don't need em....we are a hockey school now! errr, maybe a tennis school.
Again, it's an identity crisis. Gotta be all in or not when it comes to the program. Can still be an academic school, but if they are going to restrict the NIL which is the new reality...then they will suffer. If local boy Moore leaves to a school like Oregon, you need not say more.