Thursday, June 30, 2022

Michigan Thursday: Coach B Gets Into Another Hall

Coach Beilein just got inducted into the Michigan Hall of Fame and now will enter the College Basketball Hall of Fame.   He will be included in the Hall with a long list of famous coaches.   Congratulations to Coach B! 

  • Michigan lost another recruit and recent visitor Johntay Cook 4 star WR to Texas.  He lives in Texas, so this was a no brainer. 
  • There are a number of announcements to keep an eye on this holiday weekend:
Charles Jagusah - 4 star OT- leaning towards ND 
Jaxon Howard - 4 star DE/TE - Lots of offers, visited a couple weeks ago
Enow Etta - 4 star DE from Texas - Michigan lean but from Texas 
Fred Moore - 3 Star WR - Michigan lean 

  • Local Boy and former #1 ranked basketball recruit in the country Emoni Bates is transferring from Memphis to Eastern Michigan.  There has to be more to this story. 
  • Not sure I understand why the Pistons continue to trade with the Knicks?
  • There is a social media video of Jimmy singing to Eminem on vacation
  • Both USFL playoff games had just below a million viewers.  I know they wanted more, but I think that is pretty good for the rebooted league.   That league needs a way to find more offense. 


Voice of Reason said...

I should be the first to say that I for one know the least about what Michigan is doing with NIL or even what NIL is technically about regarding the legality and the NCAA's regulations. I don't know enough about what other schools are actually doing to bring in all of these recruits and I don't know actually what the student athletes are hearing and their particular situations that they are facing. In other words I don't claim to be knowledgeable or an expert in any of this.

However, with that being when I see all of these student athletes flocking to other schools along with some of our own recruits that are choosing schools that wave a dollar bill in front of their faces while Michigan has chosen to maintain their stoic position of "We will not do what they are doing," it makes me cringe inside. It took about seven years for Harbaugh to get this team to a place where we're no longer a laughing stock to the public, and now it seems as though Michigan will not even get into the fight. This is the year that Michigan should be cleaning up with top level recruits but instead we are lagging behind bottom feeders (imo).

Like I said, there's obviously so much more about these things that I don't know regarding these matters, but I fear for my alma mater that we will fall into a steep hole that we may not be able to climb out of. If there's anyone that can enlighten me on why I should not be concerned then I welcome any and all views here. IMHO!!!

Chowman said...

As of right now the rule is there are no rules. Its the wild wild west, and teams like Miami and Texas A&M are taking full advantage of it. My understanding is the University can't pay the players directly, and there's grey area about the Universities facilitating NIL deals. They're not supposed to, but in reality they are. As I saw someone post yesterday being self-righteous is ok until it becomes self-destructive. There was a time when there were schools, coaches and fans that probably had distain for the forward pass. But sports in general evolve, and those who evolve with it, move ahead. Those who don't fade into obscurity. It's the new landscape in college sports. Adapt or die!

Tim said...

It does appear to be the wild wild west. From what I understand, back in the day there were no scholarship limits so the best teams could get a majority of the best players. That changed and now scholi's are limited to 85.

With the NIL's are we back to unlimited? If Bama goes over their 85 can a booster pay NIL money to a recruit and pay for his college and he would be listed as a walk-on?

Chowman said...

Tim, that's a valid point that I didn't even consider. The only issue that would come to my mind, is these elite athletes want to go to a school and show case themselves for the NFL. Going to a school and being 3 deep or even 2 deep probably won't fly. They want to play, plus there will be plenty of schools that will be offering NIL money. Maybe not 7 figures, but the money will be there. What Miami did getting the QB a $9M deal is insane. Look what that kid did to OSU. Took the $1M deal and then hit the TP to Tx. There needs to be some safeguards where you come and you get the deal, but its thru your whole college career at the school. you hit the TP or leave to the NFL you leave money on the table.

Brady2017 said...

Schools are exploiting the NIL premise by directly paying them to come to their school. That is not what the NIL was intended to do, and I wonder why the NCAA hasn't come forward to enforce the purpose of the NIL. The purpose of NIL is once a student enrolls at a university, it is then possible for that player to receive income, even under the guise of 'sponsorship'. Ohio State and other schools are directly paying them, much like a salary, which again is not what NIL is about. NIL was for a player to utilize their popularity and gain a small stipend for doing promotional appearances, commercials, or an endorsement. Paying a salary is not NIL. Until the NCAA comes out of hiding and does something, schools will run wild with this and do whatever they want.

Chowman said...

Brady when has the NCAA been about enforcing the rules. The rules don't apply if the school is a draw and can put cash in the NCAA's wallet. Look man, I know where you stand. You believe in being principled, but the analogy I'll use is: you're on a deserted island and there's a limited supply of water. you and the other castaways agree to ration that water. But then you turn around and see the others drinking their fill and ignoring the rules. you going die of thirst and stick to principles or you going to survive? Many people think the NCAA needs to set up some framework of rules. will they? who knows and who know when. Until there are rules, you either run with the rest of the pack or get left behind. What it this goes on another year? or 2? or 5? I'm all for playing by the rules, but there really aren't any right now.

ScottyDoggs said...

It's going to get so ugly and crazy, that I do not blame U of M from backing away from the NIL (Or going full steam ahead)...It's like body building or power lifting, if you do not take steroids, you cannot compete.

Backing away from a poker game where the pot is unlimited (NIL), is not a bad thing .... winning at what cost? If the future some college teams could have a 50 million payroll for football. Is that really winning. Maybe all we have left is memories of the Bo/Woody war. I am fine with that.

ScottyDoggs said...

Some teams are going to be so good they will beat opponents 80 to 0.... Is that what you want to see Michigan pay 50 million to be in play-offs? Tim brought up another loophole pay the walk-ons, so the Alabamas can have 130 top notch players... Brandstater said we are entering "dark days". I want no part of this. I heard pickle ball is fun ... much better than mess going on....

Chowman said...

Scotty, 1st its not Michigan doing it, its boosters. 2nd, so what you're ok if UofM never wins another B1G title? Never get a sniff of the CFP? Better yet, Tuck has shown he's willing to do whatever it takes to get MSU back to some sort of relevance. What happens when MSU finds away to broker big NIL deals and now Michigan gets curb stomped 9 out of every 10 years? What happens if a Minnesota or Indiana or Purdue get rolling with NIL? And I'm listening now where there's speculation that USC and UCLA are coming to the B1G by 2024? I respect your principles, but I'm not going to watch Michigan play bad football and literally become an also-ran in the B1G. I found better things to do with my Sunday's with the Lions! I can do the same on Saturdays. You can call me a fare weather fan all you want, but I like watching good football and if it means I become a college football fan and not a UofM football fan, I guess that's the way it'll play for me!

Aimtubbs said...

Sounds like USC & UCLA are really moving to the B10. That gives us 16 teams so maybe time for a new name? Will this affect Dante Moore going to Oregon now, considering two of the flagship programs in that league just bolted? And who else is the B10 working with behind the scenes? Does this get the Domers to join the B10 as well?

Voice of Reason said...

Thanks guys