Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Mid-Week News and Notes

  •  The Walmart fortune buys the Denver Broncos for over $4.6 Billion.  
  • Reports are that the LIV Golf Tour will be getting a few more members including: Bryson, Rickie, and Patrick Reed.  The USGA is letting LIV members play in the US Open. 
  • Former Michigan WR Derrick Alexander is joining Wayne State as its WR coach.  Derrick was on Wheat's staff at Morgan State. 
  • MSU wants to sell alcohol at football games.  This is a great idea and I'm sure won't cause any future problems. 
  • Duke grad transfer guard visited Ann Arbor on Tuesday.  He is a 38% shooter for 3. 
  • Drew Brees is no longer with NBC  


Brady2017 said...

Why won't someone PLEASE buy the Detroit Lions?????

Brady2017 said...

C.J. Carr is going to commit to Notre Dame tomorrow, which leads me to my conspiracy theory of Lloyd Carr. I think Lloyd still wanted to coach at Michigan after he retired but was forced out. I have absolutely no evidence of this, but his actions (and lack of actions) after leaving only point to bitterness towards the University. If Lloyd still cared about UM there is no way he would ever let C.J. go elsewhere, especially N.D. Just my two cents!

Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

I think Jimmy likes QB Dante Moore better than C.J. anyways, plus there is another 5* QB (Jaden Davis) that visited and has UM on top of his leader board. When you win the B1G Title, you don't need to put all your eggs into one basket. You will have options. Well played, Jimmy!

Chowman said...

Blogger Brady2017 said...
Why won't someone PLEASE buy the Detroit Lions?????

It takes 2: Fords would have to want to sell the team. An NFL franchise is still a cash cow, and the tax implications of them selling would be punitive. Win, lose, or draw you have people showing up in droves to watch the putrid product they put on the field year in and year out. you already got fans salivating over the draft and this team being better this year. Hope springs eternal with Lions fans. From a certain standpoint, they couldn't get much worse but is drafting Aiden Hutchinson really going to make that much of a difference on a God awful defense? LBs absolutely blow, and what did they do to improve the LBing? Bring back Jared Davis? That's vomit inducing! Oh, yeah they drafted some kid in the 6th rd. That typically works out the majority of the time.....says nobody! Is Okwara going to come back and be his old self after an achilles? And how bout Okudah? He going to suddenly figure it out after sitting out a season with an achilles? The bad news is they're probably going to win enough to not be in the top 5 of the 2023 draft, so then what you're stuck with Goff or you going to take a flyer on a 2nd tier guy and hope you find lightening in a bottle? I do believe the Lions are a cursed franchise, that can get out of their own way!