Friday, July 1, 2022

Michigan Friday: Wow! UCLA and USC Move To The Big Ten

Talk about news out of nowhere as USC and UCLA both have joined the Big Ten.   First, I thought it was a rumor, then I thought it would take weeks to get confirmed, and then it was done.   This all happened in like 3 hours.  I'm shocked on a couple things.  1 - how quickly this came together and 2 - how it didn't leak out before it was basically over.  

So what does this mean?

It means college football as we know it, is dead.   We are now in Super Conference territory where TV money is the most important thing.  The Big Ten is about to sign an NFL worthy billion dollar + TV deal that now includes one of the largest cities in America.  It was a huge win for UCLA/USC and the Big Ten.  

The conferences that lose in this battle is very clear:  PAC 10 (now), ACC, and the Big 12.   The PAC 12 (-2) is now going to lose more teams, as reports are that Washington and Oregon have already contacted the Big 10.   The ACC is now expected to lose Clemson and FSU to probably the SEC.   The only other big time program without a home is ND.  Who won't go to the ACC if they lose their top programs.   Which means at some point they will be forced to join the SEC or Big Ten.  

ND is on record that they would consider going to a league full time if, they lose a road to the playoffs or lose a TV partner.   What if you can't fill a schedule with quality opponents?   What if the Big Ten says, we have enough teams in our league and we will only be playing 1 non-conference game per year.   Sorry ND, your rivalry game with USC is now cancelled and so are the rest of your Big Ten games on future schedules.   

Travel is an issue:

Sure travel is going to be an issue to the West Coast for volleyball games, etc.    The cost of travel for teams is now going to triple, but the $100M a year from a TV contract will have to cover that.   Let's also be honest, with virtual school now becoming a standard thing, being in a classroom everyday doesn't need to happen anymore to get a quality education. 

What does this mean for Michigan Football?

Good and Bad.  Does this open the door for more West Coast recruits to come to Ann Arbor?  I think it does, how many California recruits has Michigan lost due to distance for their family to travel for games?  The distance from A2 from LA hasn't changed but saying you will get to play in front of your family once a year, might be the tipping point in Michigan's favor. 

If you have followed Michigan Football for a long time, you know the Wolverines don't play well when they travel west over the Rocky Mountains.   Never have.   Even when they would leave two weeks early for the Rose Bowl.   

Speaking of the Rose Bowl, this traditional match-up could be over in a few years.   Lastly, this is a clear sign that the College Football Playoff system staying at 4 teams is very short sided and needs to change immediately.  Interesting times. 

  • Can we hire a baseball coach please?
  • Collins Acheampong 4-star athlete who was supposed to commit today (probably Michigan) has pushed his announcement date into the future at some point.  😞
  • Michigan Basketball has offered the nephew of Marlin Jackson. 

Have a great holiday weekend! 


ScottyDoggs said...

I am pleasantly surprised at USC and UCLA joining "Big Ten" ... I always hated both teams, but this is for the better. Now we will have 2 super conferences SEC and Big Ten, will they both keep getting larger, like an Amoeba swallowing its prey. Two major leagues, SEC riff with NIL violations, and Big ten relatively clean with moderate NIL action. Stay tuned to the BHB for further announcements and commentary.

Chowman said...

I've heard talk that these super conferences only make sense for football. That for the other sports, baseball, softball, volleyball, etc the old conference structures will remain. It's really not viable to the volleyball team to fly out to LA on a wednesday night.

Goblu said...

Would be cool if the Big10 would use some of that TV money to Fund a NIL pool.

Brady2017 said...

I also have always hated UCLA and USC, so they will fit in the B1G perfectly! I have no problems with things changing. In the business world we have a saying, "Adapt or Die", which is exactly what it sounds like. Embrace new trends or get left along the roadside. Notre Dame, I'm talking to you!

Brady2017 said...

This might ruffle some feathers, but I could also live without playing Ohio St. every year. The reason this became such a heated rivalry was because the matchup was always to decide the Champion of the B1G. For the last 20 years this was hardly the case. If we were to meet again as winners of our separate divisions, then we would have that same meaningful matchup as before. Change is good people!

Brady2017 said...

Urban Meyer is on TV wearing a light powder blue shirt while discussing UCLA and USC. Coincidence??? Uncle Urban might be back coaching sooner than we think!

Brady2017 said...

Goblu- I don't think money is the issue with NIL. Most teams in the B1G have deep pockets and deep boosters. The problem with paying players to come to your school is that they become employees and not athletes. It also eliminates 'amateur athletics'. The dirtball programs will exploit the NIL, but sooner or later, the chickens will come back to the roost and guidelines will be in place.

Ron said...

Welcome wide receiver Frederick Moore

alablue said...

UofM to the Ivory League, they don't use their wealth to be competitive either!