Friday, August 5, 2022

Michigan Friday: Probably Coach Pearson's Last Day

Insider John U Bacon says the Michigan leadership (Interim President, Regents, and Warde) are now on the same page and expect a decision on Mel Pearson today.  That is the right decision, the wrong decision was taking so long to do it.  The report being released should not be the reason you to take action, this should have happened in May or June.  

12:45 Update: It's over and Mel has been let go.  Let's hope this opening goes better than the baseball coaching search.  Hockey is at a different level and this is a premier position, which should get a lot of interest. 

The new roster is out with some new weight gain and loss, here are some significant ones: (+ is pounds added - is pounds lost) (ht to Mgoblog)

Blake Corum + 10 

Darrius Clemons +9

Tyler Morris +10

Carter Selzer +15

Erik All +10

Marlin Klein +30

Trevor Keegan -19

Tristan Bounds +29

Raheen Anderson +18

Mazi Smith +11

Kris Jenkins +20

Ken Grant +21

Mason Graham +22

Julius Welschof -22

Derrick Moore +29

Deuce Spurlock +31

Kody Jones +18

Jayden Denegal +23

  •  NFL Pre-season was back last night with the customary Akron weather delay. 
  • Mike Smith is playing pro ball in Poland.

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