Thursday, August 4, 2022

Michigan Thursday: Camp Opens and Hockey Thoughts

First off, I want to thank you for your thoughtful condolences.  I appreciate all of you! My dad loved this blog and read it every day.  

The issues with Michigan's Hockey program are vast and deep and all seem to come from head coach Mel Pearson's desk.   I will borrow this paragraph from Mgoblog on Mel's issues: Pearson chased off team captain Strauss Mann, was ineffectual at best when dealing with a subordinate's abusive behavior towards women, instructed players to lie about positive COVID tests before the 2021 NCAA tournament, and repeatedly lied to investigators.

This report was delivered to the University in May and somehow Mel still has a job.  Mel doesn't have a contract and it would cost the University $0 to fire him.  This is not a good look for Warde.  John U Bacon believes we will hear something soon on Coach Pearson.


Michigan opened camp on Wednesday and this is a perfect time to remind us what's important during the next month.  

1. No injuries 

2. Get 1% better everyday 

If I could expand on that thought, here are a couple things I hope are achieved:

- Finding a pass rush

- JJ's arm/shoulder is 100% healthy 

- Exciting freshman make an impact on the 2 deep 

  • Daylen Baldwin came to Michigan to live out a dream and increase his stock ranking.  Unfortunately, he didn't see a ton of snaps but did average 21 yards per reception last season.  He didn't get drafted but had a good workout with the Browns this week and got a contract.  Let's hope he makes the team and can play aside DPJ.  
  • 3-star TE Zack Marshall is trending to the Maize and Blue. 
  • Stephen Ross whose name is on the Business School, got suspended from the NFL for tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton.   It should be a case study for a business ethics class. 

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