Monday, August 29, 2022

Michigan Monday: Game Week

I love the sound of "Game Week" it just rolls off the tongue! We have been waiting all year to see Michigan Football again and Saturday at noon, we will watch the Maize and Blue in the Big House.   To be honest, I don't love the dual starters thing that Harbaugh announced but I understand it.   Jimmy is in a tough position and is trying to make both guys happy.  In the long run, one will not be.   This is the time of year to experiment and try new things, so from that point of view, I get it.  

An early look at Colorado State:

2021 Record: 3-9 

Best Win: Toledo

Trend: Lost 6 in a row 

Line: Michigan -27.5 Over/Under 58


This was not a good team last season, but with the transfer portal, a team can turn itself around in one short off season.  Case-in-point, Nebraska's lost on Saturday.  Last season, Nebraska beat Northwestern 56-7.   Michigan has a very good team, but they can't overlook CSU.   We remember the last time Michigan was in the top 10 to start a season and had an easy game in the Big House. 

  • During the NW-Nebraska game there were technology issues in the stadium, so they decided to give away free beer! 
  • Nebraska up 11 in the 3rd and decided to call an onside kick that was unsuccessful and never scored again.  Another 1 score loss on Scott Frost.  I do have to admit Mark Whipple's offense did look better, the defense did not.  
  • Sounds like Sainristil will be starting in the defensive backfield with Turner and Green.  My guess is Nickel.  True freshman Mason Graham is starting on the defensive line (that is quite the honor and a hat tip to him and the power of enrolling early)


Justwin said...

A reason I like the dual qb thing is it does make both qb’s want to fight hard on otherwise sleepy games.

I’m curious what the team feels about each qb. Will some run routes, block better with one vs the other. I think no. But still curious about human nature.

ScottyDoggs said...

Has platooning quarterbacks ever worked .... on 50 + years of following football, I do not recall it ever being an advantage, the worst is during 4 downs they switch quarterbacks (usually a disaster in the making), but this is a whole game, non-conference > Harbaugh is being fair. Help us if one jumps to portal. then later the starter gets hurt, then we have nothing like 2008! Harbaugh is utilizing "the right to choose" (had to throw that in).

Chowman said...

Generally when you try to please 2 people at the same time, you end up not pleasing anyone. Jim needs to go with who he feels is the best guy to win football games and let the chips fall where they may.

Chowman said...

Scotty, not usually, there's the old football adage that when you have 2 starting QBs you have none!

ScottyDoggs said...

By the way (being the philanthropist that I am), I am willing to pay for a "brain scan" for Scott Frost" that "can't win for losing".