Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Hoke vs. Fisch Overshadowed

This weekend there is a match-up between former Michigan coaches: Brady Hoke of SDSU vs. Jedd Fisch of Arizona.  We all know Brady was a former assistant that became the head coach and Jedd was the successful OC for Jimmy's first year.  

That match-up has been overshadowed by the allegations of a gang rape of a 17-year-old minor in 2021 by former All-American punter Matt Araiza (who was drafted by the Bills) and 2 other SDSU football players.   The alleged assault happened at an off-campus party that Araiza was hosting.   Per Hoke and SDSU AD, the athletic department was aware of the investigation but not the names of the players involved, until they were released by the recently filed Civil Suit.  The two other players Zavier Leonard and Nowlin “Pa’a” Ewaliko who are accused of being involved in the assault have been removed from the team.  Matt Araiza was cut from the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. 

Araiza's parents released a statement that they have received death threats and that Matt Araiza continues to maintain his innocence. 

This is a complicated and sad matter all around.  

  • If you haven't heard, there is no more RV parking at Pioneer.  If you just dropped $100K or more for an RV to tailgate, I'm very sorry. 
  • Temperatures could be near 90 at kickoff on Saturday.  Hydration! 
  • Jimmy said that Eyabi has been practicing with the team and expects him to see the field on Saturday.  When asked about the venting process for him, this is what he said:  Eyabi is somebody we recruited, I recruited, right out of high school and always felt like we finished second in that. I’ve always really enjoyed being around Eyabi. I’m not aware of the vague off-field issues that you refer to. But, as it stands now, he’s a college graduate, really vouched for by his teammates and is just a great guy to be around on a day-to-day basis. No man knows the future, but I think it looks very good and bright for Eyabi.
  • Jimmy also doesn't expect either QB to transfer if they don't win the full time QB job. 


szanreno said...

Is parking at pioneer still $50? Sun or not I'll see you there Saturday...

szanreno said...
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Rudy said...

Gonna call it now; by spring either Cade or JJ will not be on the roster.

Unknown said...

Rudy- No man knows the future.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to this season reminding me of when I was a kid and Bo's teams would absolutely crush opponents 67-3, or 72-10. Hopefully Cade and J.J. bring out the best in each other. Remember, diamonds are made under pressure! Go Blue -Brady