Monday, August 1, 2022

Michigan Monday: BBQ - The Day After

The BBQ this weekend came and went without a public commitment.  I'm not hinting that there was a private one, I'm just saying that many recruits will commit to a coach before they make it public.   It's also pretty common for commitments to come during the following week of the BBQ.   Either way, Michigan has some ground to make-up in 2023 and 2024.  

Michigan's next all in QB is Jayden Davis (2024) brought 9 family members to the BBQ.  I would assume that is a great sign for him being very interested in Ann Arbor.

Hopefully we will get some positive news from the BBQ in the next two weeks.  

Update: Just as I was about to post this article, 2023 4-star OT Evan Link from DC commits! Big win for the Wolverines in a needed position.  More to come on Tuesday. 

  • From a distance it seemed Detroit did a nice job with the Rocket Morgage PGA Tour stop this weekend.   Having a very well liked, Tony Finau as your champion doesn't hurt either. 
  • The thing I don't understand in the DeShaun Watson case, is if either side doesn't agree with the 6-game decision, they can appeal to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  If the NFL doesn't agree with the appointed Judge, can they appeal to itself?  "We don't agree with this decision and will now appeal to me". 
  • UCLA and Under Armour came to a 67.5M settlement after UA pulled out of the contract.  That should help before UCLA gets their Big Ten pay day. 

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Goblu said...

My kids know Link... say he's a beast. Good pick up.