Friday, July 29, 2022

Michigan Friday: BBQ Visitors

Commits 2023:

-Collins Achempong, DE

-Brooks Bahr, DE

-Semaj Bridgeman, LB

-Semaj Morgan, WR

-Cole Cabana, RB

-Amir Herring, OG

Prospects 2023:

-My'Keil Gardner, DT 3 Star 

-Aaron Gates, ATH 3 star 

-Jyaire Hill, CB 3 star

-Jacobe Johnson, S 4 star

-Caleb Lomu, OT 3 star

-Kayden McDonald, DT 4 star

-Chris Pearl, S 3 star

Prospects 2024

Chrstian Bentancur, TE 4 star

KJ Bolden, ATH 4 star

Boo Carter, ATH 4 star

Mason Curtis, LB 4 star

Jadyn Davis, QB 5 star 👀

King Joseph Edwards, TE 4 star

Kylan Fox, ATH 4 star

Channing Goodwin, WR 3 star 👀

Luke Hamilton, OT 4 star

Kevin Heywood, OT 3 star

Jaylen McClain, S 3 star

Jacob Oden, S 3 star

Brian Robinson, LB 4 star

Jordan Shipp, WR 4 star

Anthony Speca, LB 4 star

I'Marion Stewart, WR 4 star

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Ron said...

I see a lot of three stars and four stars on that list not many five stars outside of the quarterback Davis... Recruiting's got to get better

rmsblue said...

I am sorry Ron, but it is obvious you know very little about recruiting. Do you know how many 5 star recruits there are? Roughly 30 per year. To get 2 (Bolden is a 5-star) on campus for an un-official I'd say is pretty good. There are some pretty impressive athletes attending, particularly in the 24 class. Don't fall into the star trap without doing any research.

Cormac said...

One note about KJ Bolden. According to Rivals, he is a four-star. At 247, according to their rankings, he is four-star. But according to 247 Composite, he is a five-star.

Ron said...

No rmsblue, I know plenty about recruiting more than you. Been following recruiting for over 40 years now. I don't need to do any research.. recruiting has got to get better.. for this year anyway...

Rudy said...

rmsblue...perhaps you might need to go back to Recruiting 101 and take the class again. Simply look at the data. GA won the NC and look at that defense....they had four 5-stars on that defense. $uckeyes drag in nearly double-digit 5-star players annually. As Jimbo said "you can't outcoach recruiting!" In defense of Jimmy, he has managed to find some diamonds in the rough...Ronnie Bell is a good example. But the numbers don't lie, the consistent playoff teams are reeling in the 5-star players. Jimmy is a great coach, but he isn't going to outcoach poor recruiting. A few of these 3-stars might turn out but overall...very very poor recruiting effort.

szanreno said...

The whole recruiting process is like an unlawful abortion...