Thursday, September 22, 2022

Big Ten Week 4 Preview

I don't want to get our readership overly excited, but we have Big Ten Football tonight!! Yes, it's Chattanooga @ Illinois, sadly no line.  The game is on BTN if you can't find the NFL on your preferred shopping streamer.  

CMU @ #14 Penn State (-28) I know Auburn is struggling but a Big Ten team has never played @ Auburn.  Now the Big Ten in undefeated at Jordan Hare.  PSU 45 CMU 21

Minnesota (-3) @ MSU: This is a sneaky good game.  MSU looked terrible in the first half and showed heart in the 2nd against Washington.  The Golden Gophers could win the West as they're 3-0 and the rest of the division is struggling.  Not sure the Gophers should be favored.   MSU 28 Minnesota 24

IU @ Cincinnati (-17): This will not end well for the Hoosiers.   Cincy 41 IU 14

Iowa (-7.5) @ Rutgers: I would love to pick Rutgers in this one as I believe Iowa is not very good.  But it's really hard to pick Rutgers to win.  Iowa 7 Rutgers 6

Miami (OH) @ Northwestern (-7): This is the do not watch pick of the week.  Northwestern 17 Miami 13

FAU @ Purdue (-20): Go Owls! Purdue really looked bad at times against Syracuse on the road last week.  They need to be careful in this game as the Owls have some playmakers.  Purdue's power game and giant drum will be the difference.  Purdue 31 FAU 21

Wisconsin @ #3 OSU (-19): This is the ABC/ESPN Primetime game with nearly a 3 TD line.  I truly believe Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa need to re-think the way they play football because each year it becomes more and more irrelevant.  Wisky has no chance in this one and that is very sad.   OSU 41 Wisconsin 10


Justwin said...

My daughter is at Syracuse, so broke my rule of supporting B10 teams. What a weird game.

But, really hoping Purdue bounces back. Always liked that school. And really like Mitch Daniels and how he runs it.

I’m hoping Minn beats sparty to a pulp!!

Brady2017 said...

The only people that think MSU are any good are the MSU alums on sports talk radio. STOP LISTENING TO THESE SLAPPIES! They are Michigan haters and drive up the controversy about UM's QBs and schedule. In other words,they are assholes! MSU's secondary is a joke. Anybody will be able to put up 42 pts on that 'Go Fly' zone. Horrible coaching, as well as being extremely overpaid for a .500 coach. Stay away from anyone drinking the green kool-aid!

Rudy said...

Tua Jr will be the QB most like CJ that this D faces; legitimate 2-threat QB. MD doesn't have nearly the weapons that the Suckeyes do, but it'll be a foreshadowing of the game down south.