Sunday, September 11, 2022

Hawaii Five-0 + 6 Post Game

Ryan Sun |

The biggest fear the Wolverines had on Saturday night wasn't even on the field, it was in the sky.  As the game was delayed an hour with thunderstorms.  I was concerned there was some city law that you couldn't start a sporting event by a certain time and that this game would be cancelled.  The game was delayed an hour and ended Sunday morning, but they got all 60 minutes in. A strong hat tip goes to the Big House field turf as I can only remember one slip by AJ Henning on a punt return.  

As the game was concerned, it wasn't much of one.  JJ almost threw a perfect game with his only incompletion being a drop by Ronnie Bell.  JJ clearly secured the starting job and Michigan rolled the Rainbow Warriors easily in the Big House 56-10.  The worst thing you can say, is that Michigan didn't cover the 52-point spread. 

  • JJ = QB1
  • 1st team defense was dominating 
  • Great to see the deep ball back in play 
  • 2 TD's for Roman Wilson over his hometown team
  • TE's played well with Jake Butt on the BTN call 
  • Ronnie Bell back in the end zone
  • Michigan has a room full of very good RB's
  • Great crowd for a late stormy start 
  • Dominating performance
  • Cade looked shook when he got in the game 
  • Ronnie still struggles with his hands  
  • Cade threw a pick 
  • Michigan did not force any turnovers 
  • Michigan's OL gave up 2 sacks
  • Rayshaun Benny had a sack taken away by a true freshman WR playing CB and getting a holding call
  • The 3rd string defense gave up a long run play for a TD
  •  The weather and delayed start 

The schedule doesn't get any harder with UConn coming to town next weekend after they just got blown out by Syracuse on Saturday 48-14.  At least this game will start at a regular Big House time at noon on ABC. 

What is going on in the Big Ten West?  Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa all take ugly losses.   Is this the Golden Gophers division to win?

Love it when App State upsets a top 10 team on the road, don't love seeing the Michigan - App State low light for the one millionth time. 

Enjoy what I like to call Red Zone Christmas today! 


Justwin said...

Just based on eye-test, one could argue that Cade is #3 qb. You’d think they would have kept Cade in longer if they really thought there was a real competition. Oh well, do hope he stays.

I love the energy on this team, and really think that comes from JJ.

ScottyDoggs said...

Congrats to JJ!

Possible miss from (Jeers) .... is it me or punt returns are non-existent?

What about Marshall beating ND ...just marvelous! remember when Harbaugh bet the farm on Patterson, and almost cost him his coaching position?

Goblu said...

...yeah, punt return judgment is a bit concerning. We almost had a couple muffs.

-Frost has to be fired.
-ND loss might drop Ohio, as that squeaker of a win looks less strong.
-Bama is either not as good as we thought, or TX is way better. Think it's prob TX.
-Any AD who schedules App State should immediately be fired.

Chowman said...

-Bama is either not as good as we thought, or TX is way better. Think it's prob TX

Bama typically doesn't schedule early games like that one as road games. Usually neutral site games. Also, Bryce Young might be a bit overrated. You saw what happened in the NCG when Jameson Williams went down. None of the receivers on this years team look to be difference makers, at least not yet. Can they develop? Sure, but at time there was zero seperation!

Goblu said...

Frost is done. Too bad for him.

MichiganMan said...

Typical fan thinks JJ is the savior he just played probably one of the worst if not the worst division 1 team and he looked like a superhero let's judge him when he plays the big boys.... I think he was struggle sometimes down the road and Cade will be back in the center... PhD boy where did you go?

Beautiful life
Blue for life

Justwin said...

You really are an ass, BucknutBitch.

Point to one person who said JJ is a “savior” or anything similar to that. Only comments are that 1. There was a QB competition; 2. JJ won it in BOTH games played.

Cade couldn’t go more than 3-out against that worst team you mention. And I really like Cade.

You clearly know literally nothing about football. Like dumber than my big toe.

No one likes hearing from you, bc we actually like to discuss stuff intelligently. You are a useless dick.

szanreno said...

Yeah but they love him in Dubai... hahaha...

ScottyDoggs said...

Me thinks Michigan Boy is fishing for attention ...His Mama ignored him growing up, now he sits is the basement (oh, I mean Dubai) and hopes someone answers him. I can understand why some people are anti-abortionists, because Michigan Man is an abortion that lived (with all the consequences)

MichiganMan said...

Some of you guys need to grow up... I don't know why there are teenage boys in here writing..... Please grow up and have a decent intellectual conversation....

Blue for life

Goblu said...

You literally reply with the same comments people put toward you. Please offer an intellectual point of view, and we all will gladly engage with you.

MichiganMan said...

Do you think it was a fair assessment to make JJ our starter?

Blue for life

Goblu said...

As I understand the assessment, 5 QBs all performed during camp. The obv 2 front runners were Cade and JJ, but Bowman was in the mix.

At the end of camp, there was no clear winner.

So, JH said that each of the two will start one game, and see how they perform. But, the other will get time in the other starter's game. So they both experienced the defense from both teams.

In both games, JJ statistically and from an eye-test meaningfully outperformed Cade. Not close, meaningfully.

With the above, my view is the assessment was very (almost overly) fair.

MichiganMan said...

I respect that GoBlue...thanks for not bursting out like a teenagers like others.

Blue for Life

Fire Don Brown for UMASS....

Justwin said...

Dude, I fully agree with the other comments about you
You say totally uninformed and useless things.