Sunday, September 18, 2022

UConn Post Game: Cupcake Shutout

AP Photo/Paul Sancya
As you know, I'm all of Michigan starting the year with an easier schedule.  I think it allows the players to understand their roles and coaches to get used to seeing the players under bright lights.   You saw how bad the NFL was in week 1 as nobody plays in the pre-season any longer.   
This 3-week run was good for the Wolverines, they were able to get the new coordinators comfortable and QB1 identified.  It allowed Ronnie to come back from injury and Sainristil experience on defense.   A ton of players got game experience and many won't see the field the rest of the year.  There were a ton of benefits that I hope the Wolverines reap during the Big 10 Season.  

Now to the game, UConn was overmatched off the bus and it showed in every aspect as Jim Mora, Jr. needs more practice and recruiting before they make a playoff run.  Playoffs? (as his father famously said). 

Let's get to the Cheers and Jeers:

  • The defense pitched a shutout 
  • JJ was sharp in the passing game
  • Blake Corum with 5 rushing TD's
  • Special Teams continue to be special
  • I really like how they are using AJ 
  • All the QB's getting a chance to play in the Big House
  • The ovation for Cade was special 
  • Ronnie was 4 yards away from a 100-yard day 
  • Being able to dominate an opponent in every aspect
  • Is the pass rush an issue?
  • Cade's injury 
  • Michigan's OL gave up a couple sacks
  • Defense got one turnover - should it be more?
  • I think the TE's need more balls
  • I didn't love the 60+ yard field goal attempt at the end of the half

Michigan takes on Maryland at noon on Saturday on Fox.  Who just struggled with SMU at home last night.  

The Big Ten West continues to have embarrassing losses:

-NW loses to Southern Illinois
-Purdue looks bad in a loss to a decent Syracuse team 
-Iowa scores more the 7 points in a win 
-Nebraska gets blown off their home field 

-IU is taken to OT by WKU
-MSU loses to UW on the West Coast after a bad 1st half 
-Rutgers beats Temple by 2 
-Maryland struggles with SMU 


Justwin said...

Very happy Cade got that ovation. But def worried about the injury. Just means have to have fewer scrambles for JJ.

Who had the Over of 25 QBs on roster…. Damn, that was odd but really fun!!

Is there any thought on Ohio give up so many (not late) points to Toledo??

Chowman said...

Thinking the same thing about the pass rush. Also little disappointed by the OL.

ScottyDoggs said...
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Brady2017 said...

Sparty got exposed! I was telling everyone that secondary of theirs was still horrible, and it was. Michigan should be able to hang 50 on Sparty and silence most of the Sparty radio hosts for the rest of the year! The only thing that could stop us is if another monsoon blows in!