Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Turkey Eve News and Notes

  • Remember that high school coach from Belleville that Jimmy was having issues with?  He has been fired and suspended from coaching any sport in the State of Michigan for 2 years.  His team is also playing in the HS State Final on Saturday.  
  • Ryan Hayes and Ronnie Bell have both accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl, meaning they will not be returning to Ann Arbor next year. 
  • EA Sports College Football won't come out until next year.  As the legend of Denard continues as the last athlete on the cover of the football game for at least another year.  
  • For some reason, I love coaching searches in college football.  Nebraska has lost three candidates in about 24 hours.  Matt Rhule reportedly turned down an offer from Nebraska and Leaping Lance Leipold has signed a contract extension with Kansas.  UW also gave new head coach Kalen DeBoer a $1M more a year and an extension.  His name was also being thrown around the Nebraska opening.  The two names left seem to be Jeff Monken (Army) and Gary Patterson (former TCU coach).  Both guys can coach but I don't think either name will make the Nebraska fans happy. 
  • Lane Kiffin seems still to be the leader in the clubhouse for the Auburn job.  He told his team he has not accepted another gig.  It seems he wants to protect the Egg Bowl which is played tomorrow.  Hugh Freeze is another name that is tied to the Auburn opening.  Just make sure he doesn't have a school cell phone for his late-night hook ups. 
  • Ed McCaffrey has been fired at Northern Colorado.  Dylan ended up not being a very good QB and probably should've been a TE or WR. 
  • Seems schools are staying away from Coach Prime due to his involvement in the Prime Academy, a charter school that failed and Deion had to be removed from the staff.  I had no idea about that back story. 
  • Former MSU Basketball walk-on and now Billionaire Mat Ishbia gave MSU $14M for Mel Tucker's 10-year $95M contract.  I wonder how much he is going to pay to get MSU out of that contract.  
  • Hutch has been named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week! 
  • Eli Brooks is playing for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and was two assists away from a triple double last night. 
  • Michigan is trending for 2024 3-star WR Channing Goodwin a legacy recruit 
  • Speaking of recruiting, Michigan has some work to do in the 2023 class as we are a few weeks away from the early signing period and Michigan has the 22nd ranked class on 24/7.
  • LeBron sent the Buckeyes, new LeBron cleats for the game this weekend.  On a side note, Michigan wears Jordan's.  (which outsells LeBron's shoes by 10x)


Hays67 said...

Why are we not doing better in recruiting after the successes of the past 2 seasons?

Chowman said...


Jim's dalliance with the NFL after last season didn't help. And the GA game didn't help either. This year, we're 11-0 and haven't beat anyone with a pulse. Just saying! Don't try and tell me PSU was the impressive win. Their signature win this season was going to Auburn and beating a broken dysfunctional Auburn team that fired their coach weeks ago. Recruits want to go where they can win and play for something meaningful. It's about a resume, its about getting their best shot at the league. Finally gotten a chance to sit down and binge watch Last Chance U. Yeah, yeah, I'm cheap, and it took my daughter finally subscribing to Netflix for me to watch it. Anyway, watching that show will give you a window on how many of these players minds work. They live in a fantasy world where they all think they'll be in the league. It's not about and education and a college degree, it's almost comical if it wasn't so sad!

Tim said...

I think the negative recruiting with Harbaugh and him leaving for the NFL is big. Many colleges push that narrative to recruits. And we do not have a strong NIL program.

We could go back and forth on Michigan's strength of schedule. But going 11-0 is very difficult. They are on prime time TV quite a bit and they are the defending B10 champions. Their resume is strong last couple of years.

Schools that are ahead of them in recruit rankings include Arkansas, Louisville, South Carolina...are these schools going anywhere? Nope. Will they compete for NC or even their conference championship? Nope.

I think a lot is negative recruiting and lack of strong NIL program.

Ron said...

It's good to see that coach at Belleville go he's got to learn you have to do as good of a job coaching off the field as you do on the field

szanreno said...

Recruits want to go where they can win and play for something meaningful?! It's about a resume, it's about getting their best shot at the league?!? We went 12-2 last year, we're 11-0 this year, and UM puts more players in the league than most. Hello!

szanreno said...

Copied from MSN News...

It took much longer than expected, but the result of the investigation has finally been revealed, with seven of the eight players suspended by the Spartans being those who will be charged.

One MSU player, Khary Crump, who was seen on video hitting Michigan CB Gemon Green with a helmet, is being charged with felonious assault, while Itayvion Brown, Angelo Grose, Justin White, Brandon Wright and Zion Young are being charged with aggravated assault, which is a misdemeanor. LB Jacoby Windmon is being charged with assault and battery, which is also a misdemeanor.

MichiganMan said...

Guys I want list of five things Michigan needs to do to win at Ohio State?

Blue For Life

Rudy said...'s the list; pray for bad weather.
Kiffin is a joke. He will be the next grifter to get a huge contract and then make the school regret it. He's not a difference maker as a coach and as a human being...he's just garbage, much like those MSU players. Now that charges have been filed, let's see the B10 show some cajones and also come down on that program. Yes players have to be accountable, but this is systemic to the whole program. They need to be dealt a blow. It won't be a bowl game ban since, well, they pissed away their shot at a bowl game. That Belleville coach was also lacking on character. Belleville is the school with the potential 2025 #1 rated QB recruit so not having the previous coach there to poison kids may help Jimmy land the QB. If Day and Tucker had a baby, would it be satan? Go Blue!

Justwin said...

Wow, Mel tucker is a bad dude.