Sunday, November 13, 2022

Boring But Effective

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

We all remember when Michigan wasn't very good at football.  2020 will go down as a historic year but not for Michigan Football, it might have been the worst season we have seen Rich Rod roamed the sideline with a walk-on QB.  The memory of that year is still fresh in our minds.  So no, I'm not complaining about being 10-0 for the first time since 2006 or any type of wins.  As the basketball team learned on Friday night, a win is a win. 

My only concern at this point, is Michigan's offense good enough to beat Ohio State in 2 weeks?  Saturday's performance did not answer that question.   That is why we do Cheers and Jeers:


  • Corum with another great game on the ground.  Could've had 200 yards if he wanted.
  • Offensive line was getting him or any RB 5 yards a touch 
  • Michigan covered 
  • Nebraska had 146 total yards (75 rushing 71 passing)
  • Michigan had 1 penalty 
  • Nebraska had 8 first down (Mich 27)
  • CJ Stokes had his best game with 68 yards
  • Michigan won the game 
  • Robbins hit was the definition of "roughing" not running into the punter
  • JJ continues not to be able to complete a deep ball 
  • Michigan's WR's are not getting separation
  • JJ clearly missed Schoonmaker
  • Michigan's offense missed Edwards 
  • DJ gets beat on a 30 yards pass that made up 50% of Nebraska's yards in the air 
  • Roughing the QB helps Nebraska score their only points
  • Jimmy messes up the end of the half time management
  • Michigan only had 2 sacks 
  • Ronnie?
  • The Morris injury late could have been really bad 

This was a nondescript win and it is what it is.  Sometimes Jimmy gets into NFL mode where getting a win is difficult each week and he will do just enough to get that W.  It felt like a Bo Schembechler game.  

Looking at this season to date, I think the biggest mistake the coaches have made is not getting the young WR's integrated into the game plans.   Bell and Johnson are what I call possession first down WR's, they don't stretch the field.  JJ's deep ball has not been accurate but the WR's aren't getting enough separation.  I know November is about running the football and bad weather, but I would really like to see some type of downfield passing game to keep the defense honest. 

Illinois has given away the West with 2 bad losses the last two weeks at home.  Michigan will host them at noon next Saturday on ABC. 


ScottyDoggs said...

Illinois (down but not out).... ideal set-up for trap game ... catching Michigan looking ahead? Unlikely. but has happened before (aka. Minnesota that would flood their field). Unlikely, but still a possibility.

Justwin said...

What seems odd for the passing game is that we just run the same deep play … straight down sideline, fastest man wins. No hitch, no crossing, not really a post.

My biggest worry about Ohio, our secondary seems like will be eaten alive. Doesn’t really matter if stop the run when you can’t stop a passing attack like Ohio.

If we can figure out one or both of these - I’m pretty hopeful. If we can’t, might be a long day.

szanreno said...

In my opinion I think the halftime clock issue was how Jim wanted to play it, as crazy as that sounds. There didn't seem to be any sense of urgency to do anything other than what the did. I didn't care for it but. Thoughts?

Blue said...

I think we all understand Jimmy been holding back plays for "The Game" that determines one's season. To what extent we'll find out in a coupled weeks. One main reason I imagine for so many nondescript games this season, where playing vanilla in form still delivers 30+ point wins is that we can.

Justwin said...

I don’t think they are holding back - esp after this week’s number of deep attempts. That said, you can’t hold back for all season and hope you can execute in one game. QB and receivers need to develop game-tempo rhythm. Sure hope they aren’t holding back thinking they can execute later.

Voice of Reason said...

It would seem to me that they are and have been practicing the deep passes when they practice during the week, but they (the coaches) aren't getting the results in practice that they need to feel comfortable with depending upon the deep pass during the game. Think about last year, fans were complaining that there were few deep passes starting off the season and when they did show it, it wasn't pretty. I'm sure that is what the coaches saw in practice. However, there were slight improvements as the season went on, just not enough.

You have to also have game reps in order to get better as well, not just practice. JJ has a pretty good arm and keep in mind that he's closer to being a freshman than a senior and still needs to grow. If Michigan didn't have this great running game, Michigan would likely not be undefeated now. Also, the way I see it, some of those missed throws are on the receivers. Many of them (except Bell) are also closer to being a freshman than senior.

The receivers have to help the QB out and run better routes and to get up the field faster, focus on separation, tracking the ball better, catch the catchable balls, etc. etc. etc., in other words, don't be so easy to defend. Where are the coaches, we should be seeing steady improvement from week one to week here and now? JJ and his receivers (if they're not doing it now) need to spend time on their own and practice this stuff. IMHO!!!

Chowman said...

The idea that any team, any coach is holding back plays is ludicrous. You want to say the have a trick play or 2 in the bag, cool but no coach in their right mind limits the playbook. That's a sure recipe to lose. Jim is risk adverse and as long as the run game is working he will not abandon it.