Monday, November 14, 2022

Michigan Monday: A Too Early Look at Illinois

If there're only bad games on prior to a Michigan game, I watch the game with a Michigan future opponent.  This weekend that rule pointed me towards Purdue @ Illinois.  The Illini in recent weeks were ranked in the top 25 in what seemed to be a fairly easy road to the Big Ten West title.  I thought Michigan might get some help in strength of schedule if they would be able to beat a ranked Illinois team in the Big House this week.  Well, that didn't work out as Illinois lost 2 very winnable games in a row at home to MSU and Purdue.  

You do learn interesting things watching bad Big Ten West football: Like that Ron English is Purdue defensive coordinator.  Illinois first drive looked like they were going to be un-stoppable on offense and pretty much didn't do anything after that. 

Illinois is trying to do what Michigan has done under Harbaugh, but they are in the 1.0 phase where every game is a tough win or a close loss.   For example, they have the nation's leading rusher who wears the #2 and pride themselves on playing good defense.  

Record: 7-3

Best Win: Minnesota 26-14
Worst Loss: IU 23-30

Pass: 218 per (86th)
Rush: 183 per (40th)

Score: 23 (90th)
Give up: 12 (3rd)

Line: Michigan -17

You can clearly see what their best stat is and something they will try to do to Michigan's offense on Saturday.   Which is trying to win the game on defense.  Michigan will be by far the best team that Illinois has faced all year. 

  • Please don't tell me Iowa is going to win the Big Ten West?  I think Purdue holds most of the tie breakers even though they lost to the Hawkeyes. 
  • Sam Webb puts in a CB for 2024 5-Star QB Jayden Davis to Michigan

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Chowman said...

I do the same thing, try scouting upcoming opponents. I've watched the Illi the past 2 weeks, vs MSU and Purdue. As predictable as Michigan's offense can be, Illi is even more so. Every key 3 or 4th and short, the ball is going to Chase Brown. Now that he at the very least tweaked his ankle, they'll be even more limited. Their QB doesn't impress me one bit. To me looks a lot like Tanner Morgan from MN. Not somebody that has the tools to beat you by himself.