Monday, November 28, 2022

Michigan Monday: Too Early Look at Purdue and The Glowing Aftermath

It still feels good, doesn't it?  Are there stages of happiness?  Because, I think I've been going through them this weekend.  Here is how I felt on Saturday after the game.  

  1. Shock 
  2. Disbelief 
  3. Emotional Happiness 
  4. Confusion on what to do next 
  5. Game recap transfusion anywhere I could find it (why is it when Michigan loses its all that you can see watching other games, when Michigan wins a huge game, it feels like it's hardly mentioned)
  6. Satisfaction
  7. Confusion again on where the hell this long weekend went?
There is no need to recap everything that happened as you watched the game, but I want to call out a couple of plays (not the big scoring plays) that really helped shape this win.  

- Sainristil pass break up in the end zone.  That was a TD for OSU and #0 took it away.  Having to take the field goal keep the momentum with Michigan.  I wish he played corner the entire time he was here.

-McGregor's 2 tip passes were huge in stopping OSU drives. 

-The internet has sniffed out that OSU had a fake punt on but miss fired.  It was in the 3rd quarter in Michigan territory on a 4th and 6.  That was the play where Stroud had waved the punt team off the field as he wanted to go for it.  Michigan is up 4 with 6:00 minutes left in the quarter.  There is a problem with the snap and OSU is called for a procedure penalty, making it 4th and 11 now.  That is where the confusion starts.  Is the punt fake still on?  Is the long snapper supposed to hike it to the up man or the punter? The LS snaps the ball to the punter, one side off the line is completely void of Buckeyes and 4 Wolverines are unblocked.  The snap is off center and the Buckeyes are running to block the opposite side of the field where there is only one Wolverine defender.   The punter quickly punts and avoids the Michigan punt blockers.   That play had Michigan dead to rights and might have gone for 30-40 yards with only AJ having a chance to stop a TD.  

-Michigan not getting stupid personal foul penalties and letting the Buckeye's receive them.  1st and 35! Yes, please.  

What a win, but in the words of JJ, "the job's not finished".

Purdue: 8-4 (6-3)

The Boilermakers are on a 3-game win streak with wins over Illinois, Northwestern, and Indiana.  

Best Win: #20 Minnesota 
Worst Loss: Iowa giving up 24 points

Pass per game: 280 yards (21st)
Rush per game: 125 (97th)
Score: 28 points per (67)
Give up: 23 points per (41)

Michigan has had trouble with teams like this in the past.  Purdue is very much like their Indiana neighbor IU in that they like to throw the rock and will play very hard in an attempt to steal the Big Ten Title from Michigan.  This is a home game for the Boilermakers and they probably don't even need hotel rooms in Indy.  Michigan will have to play well to win.  Michigan -16

  • As expected, Michigan - OSU again breaks a viewership record with 14  17 million people (peaked at over 19M) watching the game.
  • In a very strange situation, OSU game visitor (he is a guest of OSU) 3-star CB from Cincinnati Cam Calhoun committed to the Wolverines.  Right after the game.
  • 2024 4-star Ohio OL Luke Hamilton commits to Michigan on Sunday.  He is 6'5 and 290 pounds and the 8th ranked OT on 24/7.  (he actually told the coaches on Saturday after the game as well)
  • Michigan is also getting a ton of CB's today: Rod Pierce a 3-star DL who just de-committed from Wisconsin, D'Juan Waller a 3-star Safety, 3/4-star Jason Hewlett Athlete, and Jamel Howard 3-star DL (also a Wisconsin recent de-commit).  All players above are in the 2023 class. 
  • Speaking of Wisconsin, they pulled a fast one and is expected to name Luke Fickell as its next head coach today.   Wonder where UC is going to look as they head into the Big 12? 
  • Nebraska finally found the right number and hired Matt Rhule.
  • FAU fired a Harbaugh coaching tree guy, Willie Taggart.  If Willie doesn't find a job, expect him to replace Biff on Jimmy's staff. 
  • Speaking of the Harbaugh coaching tree, David Shaw who replaced Jim at Stanford has resigned. 
  • With all these openings and 14 million people watching The Game, it's going to be tough to stop other programs from shopping in Michigan's assistant coaching pool. 


ScottyDoggs said...

Purdue could be more of a trap game than Illinois. Michigan football players feet are not touching the ground. Harbaugh hardest coaching job will be to keep players focused (upon saying that, the search for a national title might negate that).
Harbaugh is correct to have Michigan flag in Museum (was spontaneous and sincere. In almost two years (or less), Ohio State players will be shown the planting of the flag on "the horseshoe", and asked who does this stadium belong to ... you or Michigan? Like Sonny and Cher, "The Beat goes on" OSU got ample supply of bulletin board material for a few years.

Brady2017 said...

Who cares what Ohio St thinks about Michigan celebrating? We earned the right to do whatever we want! F the Buckeyes!

'Justwin',you're looking waaay too hard for negatives, bro. J.J. was awesome, enjoy the win and relax!

Brady2017 said...

Mission accomplished, order restored! ITS GREAT! TO BE!! A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!!

Dan said...

Bob, total 100% agreement with your 7 points - could not have stated it any better!

Blue said...

Still riding high!

Thinking about how fortunate we were down in Columbus not to have wet & windy conditions effecting are bombs away attack.

First touchdown pass to CJ was I thought JJ's finest, pressure in his face, throwing off his back foot, bullseye.

Believe there be several Wisconsin players/commits that Michigan might be able to grab. One I'd love to see on our DL is the huge 6-foot-3, 320-pound prospect from Marist High School in Chicago — the same school true freshman linebacker Jimmy Rolder attended. A comment from his visit at Michigan where Rolder was his host "He was my linebacker, so I would say we are pretty close. He was like a big brother to me." Senior year highlights -

Goblu said...

Cade made it official. Wish him the best.

I do agree that JJ was great - but would've loved to have seen a higher completion %. And those throws were to wide open receivers - but agree those are minor points.

ScottyDoggs said...

Cade has no option except leave, he would only play sparingly, or wait like a vulture, for an injury (that might never happen. Lot of folks thought this day would not happen and to me it was inevitable. Please tell me if I sound like a know-it-all like Michigan-Man .... maybe I am the next to go!

szanreno said...

Agree Brady2017, can't please some folks. I disageee but, regardless I'm still enjoying it...

rmsblue said...

My son goes to Purdue, so I have watched more of their games than I like to admit. While on paper it may appear that their defense is decent, watching them play I have not been impressed with any facet of their defense. And offensively they really only have 2 options in Jones and Durham. Not worried at all. The team will be focused. Looking forward to watching it live from the nosebleeds with my boy. Go Blue!

Hays67 said...

Glad recruiting is picking up! Thankful for Cade's leadership/performance last season and wish him best of luck. I don't know how the whole uniform thing works for the championship game, and I have liked the different uniform combos like the players have I'm sure, but I would love if we could get back to wearing the traditional navy tops and yellow pants for a game!

Unknown said...

Kudos to Cade. Wish him the best. He's a born winner and we should never forget his conributions.

Rudy said...

Recruiting is picking up, but c'mon man...3 stars!? Need better than that! I got this game totally wrong and am glad I did. These kinds of games are always about momentum and Jimmy kept it again this year. Even when the score was close, we had momentum. Now look at $uckeye meltdown! Ready to fire your superstar coach huh? As for respect, this used to be a heated rivalry but then $uckeye nation sold out and started paying to get dudes there. They've taken the Ms off their signs and have proffered all kinds of disrespect for years....especially when they won. Planting the flag is not the beginning of the disrespect but it surely is an emphasis on it! As to the B10 going soft of Sparty. You freaking suck! Basically said the players have suffered enough and then fine them $100K (pocket change). No real punishment to the program which is showing a real culture problem. As for Tom I'm-Gonna-Stroke-Out Izzon getting huffy about the fine, coach bball little man, you understand hood rats so stick with your rats.