Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Jett Fuel

I was not a big fan of last year's basketball team.  I was very excited for the season as it was maybe the best recruiting class in 20 years.  Last year's team felt like a mismatch of pieces and a team that struggled on defense and outside shooting.  I also thought there were some issues with the team playing hard every night.  That was a year after Chaundee Brown left, which is unacceptable. 

Michigan's 5 stars are gone and the new class is here highlighted by Juwan's son Jett and big man Tarris Reed.  Hunter is still one of the best players in the country and Kobe Buckets is still developing into a nice player.  Juwan also hit the portal and brought in another Ivey League point guard and a shooter from Duke.  

My eyes saw a different team last night.  With all the first game excitement and Purdue FW caveats, I loved the effort last night.  Hunter of course dominated, but Jett is a shooter/scorer and added 21 points in his first game.  Joey Baker (from Duke) is a natural shooter and shot 3/6 from deep and exactly the skill set Michigan has needed.  Reed is a raw big man but has a huge upside and will play some good defense when Hunter needs a break. Kobe is still developing but you can see the progress, Dug is super-fast and will push the pace.   Jaelin Llewellyn (from Princeton) had a bit of an uneven first game but did make some good decisions.  I was also impressed with Jace Howard who is going to come off the bench and give the Wolverines some great minutes.  He has spent a ton of time in the weight room and working on his game.  

I think an issue Juwan might have this year is playing time.  Yo Yo didn't get into the game and there is a ton of young talent on this team.  If Juwan can manage that, this team has a really nice upside.  Michigan's next game is against EMU and Emoni Bates in Detroit on Friday night. 

  • Did you know that Glenn Robinson III is now enrolled at Harvard Business School?  I didn't and congratulations to him! 
  • I don't have a problem with the Colts firing their head coach as they have under-performed with their latest old guy QB carousel this season.  I'm also a fan of Jeff Saturday on ESPN, as I think he is a smart football guy.  What I don't know makes sense is to hire him as interim head coach.  This is the biggest surprise in coaching since ND hired a successful high school head coach Gerry Faust as the Notre Dame head coach in 1981.
  • The Illinois football game in the Big House will be at noon or 3:30 on ABC, with a final decision coming on Saturday evening.  
  • Rashan Gary has torn his ACL against the Lions and is out for the season.
  • Jimmy expects charges filed and a Big Ten punishment this week for the tunnel offenders 
  • Reports are the top 2 candidates for USF job are Jon Gruden and Scott Frost.
  • The Nebraska job might be down to 3 candidates: Matt Rhule, Gary Patterson, and Jeff Monken.  Matt and Gary might be the fan favorites, but Jeff is a tough-minded coach that gave Michigan and Don Brown nothing but problems in the Big House a few years ago. 


Goblu said...

Anyone see the news that Dante Moore might be going to MSU, decommitting from NikeU? That would be nuts. If he does that, someone needs to truly share what Mich did to sho piss him off.

BlueManGroup said...

Follow the money. My guess is that the same MSU booster rumored to be buying the Washington Commanders is also throwing significant NIL money Dante's way to try and right the sinking ship.

Goblu said...

An MSU graduate has enough $ to buy the Skins? Wow... who knew.

szanreno said...

If he goes to msu after last weekend and he, mom and dad are OK with it, maybe we don't want him..

Cormac said...

There is a report out from MLive that a lawyer from California representing one of the suspended msu players claiming that one of the Michigan players "put on their helmet on and his head down as if he was going to "charge" the msu players in the tunnel."

Goblu said...

Has anyone read that lawyer's statement? He's corrected and reissued it 3 times... it's literally written by a 5 year old. Grammar is non-existent, rambling irrelevant statements. It's embarrassing - as if MSU could look dumber, they find a way.

Cormac said...

The statement was NOT included in the article or as a separate link.

Rudy said...

There is still video that has not been released yet due to proprietary ownership and the legal battle. Word is the video bares out the fact that both players were going up the tunnel and did not due anything physically to provoke the sparty animals. Sparty gonna lose again...got humiliated on and off the field.