Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Offers Instate RB Darius Taylor

The early signing period is about a month away and Michigan sent out a very interesting offer yesterday to 2023 Wallad Lake RB Darius Taylor.  Darius is a 3-star RB and has been committed to PJ Fleck and the Minnesota Gophers since April.   Darius is also coming off a monster senior year where he ran for 2,178 yards, 246 receiving yards and 32 TD's.  He is a candidate for Michigan Mr. Football for sure, but it will be difficult beating 5-star QB Dante Moore.

With all that production, it's not shocking that Michigan offered.  The interesting part is Michigan already has 2 RB commitments for the 2023 class in 4-star local boy Cole Cabana and 3-star GA RB Benjamin Hall.  We know the Michigan coaches are very high on Cole, so the assumption is that Hall's signing with the Wolverines is shaky at best.  

Darius did attend the Michigan - MSU game, so there might be some interest in flipping his commitment from Minnesota to Michigan.  We will see. 

  • Nebraska's starting Safety Myles Farmer got a DUI over the weekend and has been suspended by the program. 
  • Nebraska's starting quarterback Casey Thompson is questionable at best for Saturday's game with an elbow injury.  He could be ruled out of the game, as early as today.  That would leave two back-ups with little experience taking on the Wolverines on Saturday. 


Hays67 said...

Ok. I am from GA. My son and I went earlier this season to watch Benjamin Hall and were excited to see him play. However, he hardly saw the field. Played three plays on field goal kick and 2 plays on offense, one carry for 1 yard and a reception for negative 1 yard. Meanwhile, the kid playing in front of him, who has an offer from MSU, absolutely balled out and is a great RB. My son and I just left that game totally baffled as to the scholarship offer here....

Rudy said...

Pounding the Shuckers isn't quite as sweet without Frost there to take the beating.