Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Updates Injuries

Mike Morris has clearly taken media training.  As this is how he described his injury: “I’m feeling great,” Morris said. “Just a little tweak. I feel like I’ll be alright. Our trainers are working very hard. I was in there getting treatment for like four hours this morning, so I’ll be fine. I’m in great hands. It’s all God’s plan.”

I'm not sure 4 hours of treatment and and a "little tweak" really reconcile.  My guess is he is out for Illinois, so he can be as healthy as possible for the trip to Columbus.  Though this weekend will be his senior day, so he probably wants to play in the worse way.   Expectation is he has done enough this year to be a very high draft prospect and will not come back for another year in Ann Arbor. 

Lastly, we also knew this last week, but Cade is now officially done for the season. 

  • Ronnie Bell is expected to go leave for the draft as he has gotten a Senior Bowl invite already. 
  • Charles Woodson's wine was named on the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines of the year list.  Congrats to one of the best athletes to ever wear the Maize and Blue! 
  • My heart and prayers go out to the UVA football program.  Which also includes Michigan's starting center and UVA transfer Olu Oluwatimi, who I assume knew some of the victims.  

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ScottyDoggs said...

Fate plays out ... what if Olu Oluwatimi did not transfer ...if he stayed maybe he could have been with the victims? Just like the Titanic, those that missed their voyage, or those that thought they were lucky and got on in the last minutes ....I am sure some of you had close calls with Mr. Grim Reaper!