Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: When Rankings Don't Matter

Pre-season rankings for College Football and Basketball just don't matter.  None of the teams have played a game yet and nobody knows anything.   Similarly, it could be said for the first CFP rankings last night that Michigan showed up as #5.   For example, MSU was in the top 4 this time last year.  How is that even possible?

The only thing the CFP standings are good for is a little insight into what the overpaid committee is thinking.   Everything will be worked out prior to the final rankings.   For example:
  • #1 Tennesse plays #3 Georgia this weekend 
  • #5 Michigan will play #2 OSU later this month 
  • The SEC Championship game will have Tenn/GA vs. Alabama 
  • TCU will continue to play bad Big 12 teams 
  • Clemson has ND this weekend and Miami still :)
    • Don't forget the ACC Championship game against UNC
Every week's ranking is a waste of time, until the final rankings come out. 

  • MSU suspended another 4 players with a total of 8 now.  They're going to be very undermanned as they try to defeat a good Illinois team on Saturday.  Too bad.
  • Sounds like Gavin Wimsatt will start for Rutgers at QB on Saturday night.  He is a dual-threat redshirt freshman from KY and the highest rated QB in program history. 


Chowman said...

The every week ranking is a made for TV production. Serves no other value. Michigan controls its own destiny. Win out and you're in, if not, then you're probably out.

Goblu said...

I'm always happier to be snubbed than over-hyped. So #5 is right for me. Keep these boys hungry.