Friday, January 13, 2023

Michigan Friday: Stay or Go?

Everybody is thinking about staying or going these days.  Whether it's Michigan's head coach or rent-a-DE from the portal.  Let's get to the most important news first.  

Trevor Keegan has decided to stay at Michigan for another year.  This should help the offensive line to open some nice holes for our top-tier RB's.  Let's hope the NIL money looks good and Zak Zinter makes a similar decision.  

Both Santa and Jimmy sent out statements that the meetings/negotiations have been positive and they're both making strides on keeping Harbaugh at Michigan. Just get it done and sign that paper! 

Eyabie Okie who joined the team in late August before the opener has decided to jump back into the portal.  To recap his college teams: Alabama, Houston, Tennesse-Martin, Michigan, and now a new school.  Thoughts are he may head to Charlotte to join his high school coach Biff Poggi. 

The NCAA doesn't love all the portal activity (see above) and are passing a new rule that you can transfer once, but will have to sit out a year if you transfer for a 2nd time (unless you're a grad transfer).   If you remember, Harbaugh had this suggestion, like 5 years ago.  

  • Clemson is hiring TCU's OC who has a famous last name, Garrett Riley to fix the Tigers offense. 
  • Beilein reflects that he should have retired at Michigan.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have no idea how anyone thought (including himself) he would be a good fit in the NBA. 
  • Mazi gets 12 months' probation and 40 hours of community service for his gun charge.  His record will be wiped out after he completes all of his punishment. 
  • Michigan Basketball will continue to have trouble on the road and did last night in a loss to Iowa after being up 7 points with 2:00 to play.  


Chowman said...
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Chowman said...

Bout time on the portal to be honest, but I would amend the new rule that if the coach leaves, then you get another chance to transfer w/o sitting out. A lot of kids come to play for the coaches and not the program. they make connections with the coaching staff and when the staff leaves, the players should be able to leave too!

Chowman said...

Think the Okie thing is dumb, but its his choice. Not sure what lies ahead of him as far as the NFL, but staying with a program for more than a year would go a long way to help his reputation. Right now he looks like a guy that can't fit in anywhere too long! To me it would be a red flag as far as what kind of teammate he would be.

Voice of Reason said...

After my last rant the other day regarding Harbaugh it dawned on me that no one except those involved in the negotiations and was a part of this entire 2-3 year saga truly knows what's going on and why. Maybe his family was in his ear, maybe he felt threatened somehow I don't know but with all that being said I still think that this needs to be settled once and for all THIS year, because the program needs the stability. I for one do hope he stays and learns how to beat the top SEC programs and wins bowl games. IMHO!!!

Thom said...

Voice of Reason.....I agree with what your saying in principal and I and everyone else knows this Jimmy soap opera is never going to stop. It will continue to play out every year. His ego will not let him accept the Michigan is where he belongs. For him the grass (NFL) is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Chowman said...

Thom, agreed. Sadly, I think he will always wonder what it would be like to be back in the NFL and I don't think he'll ever be happy just being at Michigan

Voice of Reason said...

Thom, guys could be right, my ultimate point is that I think this entire thing needs to be settled one way or the other THIS year. We don't need another soap opera of "As the world turns," the kids, parents, coaching staff, potential recruits and the fans need the stability.

We all know that coaches come and go with any program but they/we don't deserve to have to wonder after every season if your head coach is going to be here or not. If it's about money then pay the man because we know that Harbaugh is better than the MSU and PSU head coaches combined and really should be paid like that. Michigan is a school that can afford it, but we don't care for this drama each year, it's too much and not necessary.

Moreover, if the truth be told, yes there's enough blame to go around between the university administration and Harbaugh. So as for me, whatever decision is to be made...let's get er done and move on! IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...
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