Monday, January 16, 2023

Michigan Monday: NFL Decision Day

Today is the last day to declare for the NFL Draft, many Wolverines have made their decisions this weekend and it was in favor of another year in Ann Arbor.  

  • WR Corn Johnson staying 
  • OL Zak Zinter staying 
  • LB Michael Barrett staying 
That is great news and Michigan's offensive line should be very deep and skilled next season as well.  Quick question, did Michael Barrett play for Rich Rod?😀  Glad to have his leadership back for another year! 

Reports are that Michigan and Jimmy are very close to a new deal.  Let's just get this signed already! 

  • Taylor Upshaw will be playing his final year at Colorado for Coach Prime. 
  • Davis Warren got a well-deserved scholarship this weekend and probably is locked in as Michigan's #2 QB moving forward. 
  • Michigan Basketball got a solid W over Northwestern on Sunday. 
  • Dax Hill struggled in his first ever NFL Playoff game on Sunday night.  His team won but he had 3 costly penalties playing against a Harbaugh, his former DC, and his brother. 
  • Speaking of this game, the Harbaugh family sure has had some horrifying plays on the goal line the last couple of weeks. 
  • There is one person the NFL scouts are waiting to hear from if he jumps to the NFL or not today, that person is QB CJ Stroud.  Reports are he is torn between the NFL $$ and staying one more year with OSU $$. 
  • Chris Partridge a very good recruiter, got replaced as Mississippi's DC over the weekend (by Bama's DC).   He is from Jimmy's coaching tree and I would love to have him on staff or in a role if we lose a coach to the NFL. 
  • Speaking of Alabama's DC opening, former Wisconsin DC and interim head coach Jim Leonhard is in the running for that gig. 
  • Will the GOAT do GOAT things again tonight?
  • Have a great MLK Day! 


Ron said...

Ward, wants a bigger buyout, and I don't blame him. Who knows what he's going to do in the future

Voice of Reason said...

I admittedly am a Jim Harbaugh fan and want him to retire at Michigan, However, my thing is, if anyone really wants to leave you, then don't make it the door for them and let them leave and then find a new babe. If you've ever been in a bad marriage when someone is with you and they don't really want to be there then you know what I mean. A coach can't sell a program to top prospects as effectively when his heart isn't in it. IMHO!!!