Thursday, January 5, 2023

Michigan Thursday: #1 Hits the Transfer Portal


Andrel Anthony had an amazing MSU game in East Lansing last season.  He had 155 yards receiving and 2 TD's in that game alone.  This season through 14 games, he had 7 catches, 80 yards and 1 TD.   Was it a sophomore slump? Clearly, Ronnie Bell being healthy, took a number of Anthony's snaps this year, so he didn't get that many chances to make catches.  

This year, one of the biggest mistakes I saw on offense was not letting the younger WR's get more snaps.  I expected way more production from Anthony and the true freshmen WR's.  With that said, I thought A2 didn't help himself.  The news about transferring had been rumored for many months and he had a chance to make a highlight catch in the Illinois game when JJ threw a perfect long ball and he flat out dropped it.  There seemed to be a trust issue with him on the field from the coaches and even JJ all year long.  Roman missed time with injuries and Anthony's 1 TD this year was a fumble recovery in the end zone against Nebraska.  His best play was a 29 yard catch @ Iowa.  I really had high hopes for him this season and he clearly had a disappointing year.  

The writing was on the wall with this transfer and I wish him all the luck in the world at his new school.  The kid has talent and whatever happened his year he can learn from and be a better WR in the future.  

  • Yesterday's Harbaugh watch seemed to lean more towards his "NFL interest" being his new agent setting the table for a long term and higher salary contract at Michigan.  The luck of being a Michigan fan, there is always something to worry about.  
  • I came across an RR article yesterday, that some of the WVU fan base want Rich back.   The article went on to say that Rich went 9-2 at the FCS school Jacksonville State and won its division.  That his program is being promoted to FBS next season and they will compete in Conference USA.  Fun fact, did you know Jacksonville State is not located in Jacksonville, FL?  The school is actually in Alabama. 
  • Reports are Taylor Upshaw will be visiting Colorado and Coach Prime. 
  • Michigan Basketball had another nice Big Ten win last night as they defeated a solid Penn State team at Crisler. If this team can get solid performances from Kobe and Dug, they will have a chance in every game.   MSU up next. 
  • Things to ponder?  With Michigan players jumping into the portal, will Michigan go back and look for more talent?  Or are they happy with what they have moving forward? We know Corum has a decision coming up and most expect him to enter the NFL Draft.  Does his decision affect the rumored transfer of Wisconsin RB Braelon Allen? News of his transfer has really died down lately.   He is very fond of former interim coach Jim Leonhard who is no longer with the program. 


Chowman said...

After that MSU game I thought Michigan had found the next great WR. Unfortunately that didn't come to pass. The Michigan offensive scheme isn't conducive to prolific WRs. Its predicated on running the ball and utilizing the TEs in the passing attack. The passing scheme for the WRs is pretty simplistic. I fear the days of having a recruiting class that includes a DPJ or a Nico Collins or Tarik Black, let alone all 3 are over. A Marvin Harrison Jr would NEVER come to Ann Arbor to primarily be a blocker for the running game. If there's one component of the Michigan offense that's been lacking over the past few years is having a beast at WR. A Braylon Edwards type, that even if he's double covered, you just throw it up to him and he'll make plays. Ronnie Bell is a nice WR, and a nice story, but he doesn't put fear into any opposing DC. Either does Roman Wilson or Cornelius Johnson. They're good, not great, certainly not elite!

Chowman said...

And for Harbaugh, I really don't think its about the money. there's a simpler, more direct way to go about getting a raise and/or a longer contract that doesn't have the side effects of trashing recruiting. You just go to Warde and say "look, I've beat OSU twice in a row now, I've won back to back B1G titles, and gotten the team to the CFP 2 years in a row! I always want to be the highest paid coach in the B1G and only 2nd to Nick Saban". Saban has an escalation clause so he will always be the highest paid coach in college football. Think if someone gets a higher contract, his salary bumps up to beat that salary by a $1 or something like that. This dance he's doing with the NFL the last 2 years isn't only damaging to the program and recruiting, but its a hit on his reputation. That little Carolina stunt isn't going to age well. NFL is pretty serious when it comes to coaching candidate interview protocols, specifically interviewing minority candidates! I'd be shocked if he didn't burn a bridge with Tepper!

Thom said...

In regards to Harbaugh. It time to cut ties with him. The sooner the better. Every year is just a soap opera. I am sick of it. Get someone who actually wants the job as a job not someone just begging every NFL team each year for a call. If that doesn't work out this year Harbaugh will probably start looking to the CFL next. What a frigging joke.

Ron said...

Thom, I agree if I'm Wade Manual I'm looking in another direction it's Time. This can't go on every year I think he really wants to go back to the NFL and win a super bowl if that's the case let him go

Chowman said...

Thom and Ron,

Agreed, it's a little old. if he really did want to be here this would of gotten straightened out after the Minnesota debacle. Jim wants back in the league sooooooo bad it hurts. John's got the SB ring, and every family get together, that hangs over Jim's head. He's such a competitive SOB! I really don't think there's much mutual interest between Jim and the league, but Jim's ego will never admit that. So even if he gets passed again this year, it'll be annual thing.

Ron said...

Chowman, yes I agree I don't think there's mutual interest in the league for him right now

Brady2017 said...

Put a $25 million buyout in Jimmy's contract. That'll stop any future inquiries.

Brady2017 said...

Good posts by everyone. Lots of interesting points made.

Chowman said...

Brady, those punitive buyouts have to be agreed upon. Just because the University, i.e. Warde put a punitive buyout clause in his contract, doesn't mean Jim has to accept it and they work both ways. The reason schools don't always add huge buyout clauses is it could bite them in the ass if the school decides to move on. Now insisting on that, and Jim balking would tell you everything you need to know about his true intentions! and btw, an organization like the Broncos, which have Walmart money, a buyout clause like that for a coach they really wanted wouldn't dissuade them. What's $25M to the Waltons? How much money did they eat to get rid of Hackett in his 1st year? I've seen speculation that they might just cut Russell Wilson and eat his contract to move on! Do I think Jim ends up in Denver? NO! I don't think he ends up anywhere in the NFL, but that's just my opinion and opinions are like bleep holes, most stink! But that doesn't mean I'm not tired of this perennial dance he does with the NFL.

Blue said...

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