Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Here We Go Again

First off, I would like to extend my prayers to Demar Hamlin and what we witnessed last night in Cincinnati.  I spent 9 years of my life in Cincy and know that town well.  I've also been watching and covering football my entire life.  I knew this day would come, but I'd hoped it never would.  I'm praying for a full recovery for the young man.  


It's the same NFL dance we have had every year since Jimmy has been in Ann Arbor.  Even the years where his team under preformed the NFL came sniffing around.  Last season, it was a drawn-out process that killed recruiting and Jimmy even lost some credibility after he assumed he had a job, when he didn't.  At that time, he promised he was done "dancing with the NFL" and would be Michigan's coach as long as the Wolverines would have him.  Then came another Big Ten Championship, a win over the Buckeyes, and a loss in the CFP.  Let us not forget Saban's famous last words as the Dolphins coach, "I will not be the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide".

Insiders are saying this is real and could even happen very quickly.  Harbaugh realizes what he put the program, his players, and his family through last time.  These teams will have to come up with an offer if they're going to land Harbaugh.  If they do, they probably will.  I'm hearing he has an agent now as well. 

Growing frustration? 28 days between games? Having to recruit during the holidays, while you prepare your team to play? Having terrible officals in a playoff game?  Can't imagine what he is talking about?

So now what?

Here are the open and expected open NFL jobs:
  • Carolina - I don't expect there to be any mutual interest here
  • Indy - Jimmy is in their circle of fame (or whatever they call it) and has a crazy owner.  No QB and pretty much a rebuild.  This is a strong possibility but the front office is a mess (GM on leave).  Which would be a concern for Jimmy. 
  • Denver - Has mortgaged its future on a washed up QB and has a good defense.  Does have some good young talent, but the lack of draft picks and a whale of a contract for a declining QB makes this job not very appealing either.  New Walmart ownership with deep pockets could help the pain.  If he can get Russ to at least cook microwave meals, it could be a strong option. 
  • Phoenix - Jimmy clearly has trouble in that stadium and doesn't seem to be a good fit with Kyler.  I don't think there would be any mutual interest.  
So that leaves Indy and Denver.  Jimmy has ties to Indy and likes running the ball, which would probably work better in Indy then Denver.  If you asked me to bet on one job, it would be the Colts.  Don't forget Sean Payton is probably the #1 candidate for many of the open NFL jobs.  

Hey jerk, this is a Michigan Blog, what would Michigan do if Jimmy leaves?

This is another tough one.  Michigan has young coaching talent on staff that is ready for a head coaching job but are they ready for the Michigan job?  We saw ND make a similar decision and it had mixed reviews in the first season.  

#1 Sherrone Moore - Has done a tremendous job with the offensive line and is a good recruiter.  A very good young head coaching candidate.  When Western Michigan came knocking, he declined quickly.  The down side is he has only been a coordinator for a couple of years and it's tough being ready for a huge job like this.  Also just got outcoached in the CFP. 

#2 Matt Weiss - Clearly a good offensive mind with an NFL background.  Still feels like he is not quite ready for this job.  Also, not great on Saturday. 

#3 Jesse Minter - Comes from a legacy of good coaches, not quite ready and got his backside handed to him on Saturday. 

I think these are all great young coaches, but none of them are ready for the Michigan job.  The problem is there aren't many good external candidates either. 

Matt Campbell - lost some luster with a poor year at Iowa State.  

Jim Leonhard - was passed over by the team he was the interim and played at. 

Dan Mullen - has been on Michigan's radar in the past, but he has been doing TV and everyone passed on him as well. 

I have one dream candidate and it would never happen but I wish it would: John Harbaugh.   He will never lose his job in Baltimore, but he has done everything he needs to do in the NFL.  Come continue the Harbaugh legacy in Ann Arbor.  

What a cluster F! 

  • Detective Deuce Spurlock has decided to pack his overnight bag and look for another case to work on in the Portal.  Good Luck Detective! 
  • Tulane over USC in the Cotton Bowl
  • Penn State played well and got the win in the Rose 
  • Purdue got blown out by LSU, in the Opt Out Bowl. 
  • Illinois lost a close one to Miss State, who of course is still mourning the loss of their head coach 


Blue said...

To quell this social media buzz Jim needs to come out today and again state as he did last month that he's looking forward to coaching the '23' team.

Jim is an upfront, honest individual. Last year Jim warned both his players & recruits he could be looking at the NFL, as of today that hasn't happen even though HC openings for both Indy & Denver have been out there for over a month.

As Bacon has stated at this stage "Nobody Knows Anything".

ScottyDoggs said...

The "Goat has a new girl-friend, age 26 and hot .....did very well in the "transfer portal", at least his eyes won't hurt anymore waking up and looking at Ms. Horse Face. I should talk, I am ugly as they come, but admitting it is half the problem.... I just tell people I got the best of the semi-truck when it hit me head-on.

ScottyDoggs said...

If I was Jimmy I would jump, because college football is turned into a revolving door with loss cash flying around, at least the pros is as level playing field (I think). Next JJ (look alike) would cost 4 million a year in NIL?

Chowman said...

well if it is to happen better sooner than later. Life moves on. I know I'm in the minority, but I think Michigan has reached it apex under Jim: B1G title. For some of you that's enough, but for the rest of us, we want more. Call us greedy, but we want the Michigan program to live up to it's brand image on the field, i.e. elite program! Sometimes in life you have to take a step back to move forward. For as great as the last 2 years have been, let's not ignore Jim's first 6 in AA: being .500 against Sparty and going 0-5 against OSU, the disasterous covid year where we basically punked out against OSU, and his dismal bowl record.

I agree only Indy and Denver are realistic options for Jim. Indy cause his connection to the Colts and relation with Irsay. And Denver cause let's face it, who wants that job with a baked Russell Wilson. Now if Denver can get out of Wilson's contract by cutting him and not taking a mortal cap hit, then that job is more attractive. But Russ has shown: He Done!

Chowman said...


you mean like NFL free agency? I know I'm being a bit disingenuous, but the NFL isn't long on patience! how many coaches in the past few years have been fired after their 1st year. The devil's advocate would say: Jim could stay in AA for as long as he wants to continue to coach. I know fans worship him and think UofM can never get another coach as good as him.

Tim said...

It does feel that Jimmy will leave. I realize there are question marks on everyone you listed, but it just seems like taking one of those is worth the risk. If MI goes and gets a complete outsider it would seem that recruiting and transfers would get hammered. The next guy will start with a depleted cupboard.

Chowman said...

Tim, there will always be attrition when you change coaches. You can minimalize it by keeping assistants as they were the primary recruiters, but most guys want their own staff and have their inner circle of guys they want or like to work with. My only reservation with Jim leaving is Warde Manual will be doing the hiring. Warde doesn't exactly stoke my confidence. And please, please, please no limiting the search to "michigan men". Geezus that's so played out.

Chowman said...

It just feels like Jim always intended Michigan to be a stepping stone to get back to the league. I think he thought he'd come back to AA and with his NFL pedigree would run roughshod over the conference and maybe even win a Naty by the 3rd year and then be back in the NFL. Didn't work out that way as the 1st six years were a lot of bad with the good. yeah, lots of wins, but not many prominent ones. The last 2 years he's 23-3 and this is perhaps his last shot at getting back to the NFL. He's 58 or 59, he's not a young man and the NFL is a grind. One reason why I can't see why Sean Peyton would go back and leaving his analyst role

Ron said...

Jimmy might be going to Carolina going to the Carolina in my mind in my mind I'm going to Carolina, James Taylor