Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: NSD Part 2 Eve

Tomorrow is the final National Signing day of the 2023 class.  It used to be the only signing day and a calendar circling event.  Now, its an after thought for most programs as they try to secure most of their  recruits in December.  Michigan is also in the same boat and really only have 2 recruits that seem to be persuing.

-5-Star Athlete Nyckoles Harbor has Michigan as a finalist but most insiders believe he has South Carolina or Oregon as his 1 and 2.  Harbor wants to run track and take a shot at the 2024 Olympics and The Ducks have a legendary track team funded by Nike.  Some believe Michigan still has a shot as the family is pushing for Ann Arbor.  If this becomes an NIL pissing match, it won't be a good thing for the Wolverines chances.

-4/3 star DL Cam Brandt is a Stanford commit and is expected to flip to Ann Arbor.  Let's hope that happens! 

Outside of a surprise, Michigan has those two guys left in the 2023 class and now focusing on 2024.

  • In-state 2024 S 4-star Jacob Oden is expected to make his decision on Thursday, between Michigan, MSU, Iowa, PSU, and Tennessee.
  • I guess Harbaugh has to say, "I will not be the head coach of the Denver Broncos" to stop these rumors.  If your remember, Saban as Dolphins head coach, "I will not be the head coach of Alabama".
  • Senior Bowl week is here and lets hope the Wolverines in attendance perform nicely during the week. Big Week for Ronnie Bell!


Brady2017 said...

I think we got a 60% chance w Harbor. I don't see him living on the other side of the country in Oregon. That leaves S.C. as the main threat for his talents. Not exactly a football or track powerhouse. Michigan checks all the boxes, especially the endorsement of his parents. PUT ON THAT BLOCK 'M' CAP, SON!!

Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

But you never know what's important inside the head of a 17 year old. Like I said, 60% chance. If you were playing a game of chance in Vegas those would be pretty good odds!

Brady2017 said...

Got word from an insider regarding Harbor. Looks like the green monster, NIL, has become the most important factor. Jimmy don't play dat! Harmony among teammates is crucial at UM, and no one player is more important than the team. If Harbor is looking to get paid, the quite frankly, we don't want him.

Rudy said...

Yep, I see the $$ of Nike U calling. Wonder why Jimmy has NFL in the corner of his mind? These kinds of games. Saban recently said he let some kids go cuz they were demanding $$. Don't shed a tear for Saban cuz for every kid he lets go for wanting $$, he gives another 10 kids exactly the $$ they want! Jimmy is not a big fan of this pimp show and he's not a fan of Ward.

Brady2017 said...

Keep an eye out for Jamel Howard. Mean defensive lineman out of Chicago. 4* kid with a huge upside (and backside!).

Brady2017 said...

Yep, good post Rudy!