Friday, March 17, 2023

Michigan Friday: Pro Day

Today is Michigan's Pro Day for NFL Scouts.  Let's hope Mazi puts up some impressive stats and sneaks into the first round.  DJ Turner helped himself with his blazing 40 and now might be a 2nd rounder.   Good Luck to everyone participating. 

If you were wondering if JJ wanted Kirk Campbell as his QB coach? “I absolutely love Kirk. Not just the fact that he's a wizard in the pass game and with developing QBs — because he's a great friend, a great brother.” That's all I needed to hear. He is also making a positive impact in QB recruiting already.

  • If you're wondering, yes, it's ok to wear green today, another day is if you're attending the Masters. 😃
  • Graham Glasgow is back with the Lions on a 1-year deal.
  • Big visit weekend on tap!

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