Thursday, March 30, 2023

Michigan Thursday: Joe Moore and Moore Recruits

I've followed Michigan Football longer than I want to admit.  Before last year, I had never heard of the Joe Moore Award and now after Michigan's Offensive Line has won it in back-to-back years, probably have heard it mentioned at least 500 times.   The success Michigan has had in developing offensive lineman seems to be having a direct effect on offensive line recruiting.  How many years have we said this offense could be good if they can only figure out the offensive line? That is no longer a problem.  

Michigan has 2 offensive linemen committed in the 2024 and might looking to take a bunch more:

  • Luke Hamiliton 4-Star OG from Ohio - Verbal Commit 
  • Ben Roebuck 4-star OT from Ohio - Verbal Commit 
  • Blake Frazier 4-star OG/OT Texas - trending to Michigan in predictions 
  • Max Anderson 4-star OG from Texas - trending to Michigan in predictions 
  • Michael Uini 4-star OT from Texas - No predictions yet but Michigan looking good 
Please bring us Moore 4-Star offensive lineman! 

  • Mike Rhoades from VCU has taken the Penn State Basketball Head Coaching job. Zeb and Brandon John's were at VCU last season. 
  • It's Opening Day.  Still feels like Spring Training. 
  • Here are your April 1 Spring Game Teams.  This is not an April Fool's Day Joke!

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