Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Michigan Making Moves with 2024 Recruits

It seems the Wolverine coaches made a large impact on a number of high-profile prospects this past weekend. Many new predications/crystal balls have come in.

Here are some new predictions in the 2024 class over the last week:

Blake Fraizer - 4★ OT 

Max Anderson - 4★ OT 

Jaydn Davis - 5★ QB 

Channing Goodwin - 4★ WR 

Ben Roebuck - 3★ OT

Aaron Chiles - 4★ LB 

Mekahi White - 3★ Athlete 

Brian Robinson - 4★ Edge 

Want to get a 5★ QB to commit? Protect him with high profile offensive line prospects.  

  • Shemy Schembechler (Bo's son from his first marriage) who was working for the Raiders and lost his job in February has been hired by Jimmy for a role on his staff. 
  • Big Mo Hurst who has had injury issues over the last couple years, signed with the Browns. 
  • Remember the Ed Cooley situation at Michigan? Where his good buddy Warde got him a raise at Providence with a made-up potential job offer.  He just took the Georgetown job after like 5 minutes of negotiation. 
  • Remember when Michigan almost hired Rick Pitino? He was hired by St. Johns on Monday. 
  • Cam Newton will throw at Auburn's Pro Day. 


Thom said...

Two big recruiting weekends for Michigan and what do they have to show for it......NaDa. Just a lot of hype.

Ron said...

It's great to have shemmy on the staff

Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

Thom- would you like to open your big mouth again and comment on this? Jackass!


Rudy said...

Petino to St Johns; doesn't that just show the state of college athletics!? This man has the morale compass and integrity of a gnat and still manages to stay employed....just win baby! But he's human trash and will be true to himself....St John's will win in the short run and get sanctioned in the long run. With integrity like his, he makes a great potential sparty or suckeye coach.