Monday, August 28, 2023

Michigan Monday: Welcome to Game Week!

I can't believe game week is finally here!  Congratulations everyone for making it through the off season.  Michigan is back in action this Saturday! 

First let's take a quick look at Week 0 or what I like to call Week Weird.   

ND rolled over Navy and it was over at half-time.  ND's new QB Sam Hartman is clearly 30 years old and like 3 years older than the Indianapolis Colts starting QB.  Then it became the night of former Michigan Football coaches. 

-RR lead JAX State to its first FBS win as an FBS member.  The field temp was near 130 degrees in Jacksonville, Alabama.  RR wore a t-shirt and shorts.

-Don Brown led a transfer laden new squad to a win over New Mexico State.  It's UMass first opening win over an FBS School in nearly 40 years.  This squad has 8 transfers from Arizona where Don Brown was before taking the UMass job.  This win equals the total wins UMass had last year. 

-Brady Hoke led SDSU over Ohio on Saturday.

Like I said, week weird.  

Speaking of weird, this will be a strange week 1 for the Wolverines.  Jimmy will coach the team during the week but on Saturday, he will hand over the keys to DC Jessie Minter.  In news that was quiet on Saturday night, OC Sherrone Moore has also been suspended for the ECU game on Saturday.    This is part of the NCAA investigation and self-imposed by U of M, it's only a 1 game suspension.  My guess is QB coach Kirk Campbell will be calling the plays.  Confirmed by Harbaugh today

It will be interesting to see who does the game week press conference today.  Update: Harbaugh opened and Minter took over. 

More news.........
  • It seems Reece Atteberry has moved from the offense line to the defensive line.   Let's hope this is a positive development for Reece and the team. 
  • NFL cuts are starting to happen and Jalen Mayfield got cut by Atlanta and Brad Hawkins by the Pats. 
  • In a strange move, the Patriots traded for the now OT and former TE Tyrone Wheathley, Jr.   I'm thinking about a trick 2-point conversion to the big man! I honestly didn't know he was still playing football. 
  • Seems Michigan is going to apply the "Michigan Method" on the offensive line this year.  Meaning they are going to start a couple different versions of the offense line in Game 1 & 2 and see who plays the best.  
  • I'm excited to see the transfers on Saturday.  Drake Nugent at Center and Josh Wallace have been getting some camp buzz lately. 
  • Roman Wilson will now be wearing #1.  As you know that is a high honor for a Wolverine WR. 
  • I usually don't watch HS Football on ESPN but I caught a few games this weekend to watch some Michigan commits.  
  • I was excited about ESPN Gameday being back but when it's in the studio it really has no energy.  With CBS and NBC now full-time college football broadcasters it opens the door to more terrible pre-game and half-time studio shows. 
  • Speaking of NCAA violations, ASU has self-imposed a bowl ban this year.  I really want a team to go 5-7 and then self-impose a bowl ban. 
  • Michigan Basketball picked up an international recruit as they have signed 6'9 forward from Argentina Lee Aaliya.  Lee is available to play this season. 


Ron said...

I didn't know Tyrone Wheatley Jr was still playing football either 🤔

szanreno said...

What is the rule for Harbaugh on Saturday? Where can he be or not be on Saturday? Can he even be on school property?

MichiganMan said...

I got Michigan going 11 and 1 this year

Beautiful blue

Rudy said...

It’d be great if Harbs said he was going to host a game party at a nearby establishment or tail gate….that’d be a great way to give the ncaa the finger. I know, they didn’t impose the rule but they are the ones who brought this stupidity on.

szanreno said...

Rudy, hamburgers only...

Cormac said...

What, no cheeseburgers???

MichiganMan said...

Sanchez what are you talking about?

szanreno said...

Ok Cormac one with cheese for you. However if anyone asks about it I'll have to say "I don't recall"...

Brady2017 said...

All the networks will have pre-game, post-game, and half time reports. This begs the question, does the on-field reporter have to be a woman? I love women, don't get me wrong, but give us ONE thing, football for Pete's sake. Stop forcing these ditsy bimbos on us that have never worn a jock strap or even played the game. There are plenty of other tv shows out that where I'm sure they'd fit right in.