Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Why Now and Why 3 Games?

There has been plenty of discussion since Rivals broke the Harbaugh suspension story on Monday.   Most people are considering two things really: Why have any suspension? and how did you get to 3 games? 

Michigan seemed to have a deal in place with the NCAA for 4 games.  I believe about 80% of that.  I think Michigan was probably around the 2 games area and the NCAA was around 6.  I think 4 was a negotiated situation where neither side was happy.  The NCAA infractions committee was probably closer to 6 games and that's why they didn't accept it. 

Why now? When Jimmy could coach all the games this season and not face any type of punishment until 2024.  

2 Reasons:

#1: East Carolina, UNLV and BGSU
#2: September 7th, 2024 

The first reason is clear to everyone and gets someone or multiple people on his staff head coaching experience which will only help their careers.  #2 is when Texas travels to the Big House next season.  Do you think he wants to be part of Michigan vs. Manning game in Ann Arbor?

I also don't believe this NFL bull sh*t. Jimmy is close to 60 and his style is much better suited for college than the NFL.  Sure, he would love to win a Super Bowl but he pretty much has a job for life in Ann Arbor and would make the same money.  His name always comes up but there never has been a solid offer for him to leave.  

Why 3 Games?
The NCAA has not looked good in this process at all.  They have broken their own rules about commenting on an active case and haven't even sent Michigan a formal notice of allegations yet.   What they sent in January was a tentative notice.   They also seemed to have not honored the negotiated 4 games that were mutually agreed to.    The NCAA continues to look like a clown show and may or may not accept the 3 games but if they have any type of PR firm helping them, they should take the 3 and stop wasting so much time and money on defining lying vs. not recalling a hamburger purchase.

By the way, I don't know how any of this would hold up in a court of law.  I'm not a lawyer but I would assume that State Law would trump any NCAA mandate?

To recap:
  • Jimmy agrees to 3 games and misses ECU, UNLV, and BGSU
  • His staff gets some head coaching experience 
  • Michigan is viewed to be proactive in this matter 
  • If the NCAA does not agree and wants to extend the penalty, the Fresno State 8/31 game is still in play.  If it has to go to 6, Jimmy would also miss Texas and Arkansas State. 
  • No Big Ten games would be missed either season
  • This helps to protect any narrative that Jimmy would be jumping to the NFL to avoid any NCAA suspension 
  • Helps protect the 2024 and 2025 recruiting classes
If he has to serve any suspension (and I am assuming the Michigan Leadership felt that he would have to miss some games) this is the best path forward and has little to no downside.  

He still works 6 days a week and just has Saturday's off.  

The NCAA should take the 3 games and a $50K fine to charity and call it day.  

  • Last post, I mentioned Oliver Martin catching a ball in the NFL Preseason.  Keeping that same theme, Tarik Black caught a ball last night, he needed 10 yards and caught the ball and tackled at 9. 

  • Week 0 Games are a bit strange this Saturday:
Navy vs. ND in Ireland on NBC
RR's Jacksonville State plays on CBSSN
Don Brown has a Primetime game on ESPN 
Brady Hoke SDSU has a primetime game on FS1
Future Big Ten team USC plays in primetime on the PAC 12 Network 

Big Games a week from Thursday:

Florida @ Utah 
Nebraska @ Minnesota 

A week from Friday has an inter-squad game?

Miami @ Miami 😀


Dkw1315 said...

Warde Manuel needs to go he has been a drag on Harbaugh and this program long enough Never seems to have Harbaugh back.

Tom said...

You know I'm right.
However, you probably want to just keep politics out of the blog.

But you know factually I'm 100% right.

MichiganMan said...

Harbor should be fired for his unethical moves...

Blue for life

szanreno said...

I have no idea if you're right, nor do you.

And michiganman should be gone for his silly bet, but he also has no ethics...

Tom said...

If you people think Harbaugh did something wrong, you live in a fantasy world that Tinkerbell would think is juvenile.

MichiganMan said...

Doesn't matter how big of a crime is. Crime is a crime and he should be punished

Blue for life

Brady2017 said...
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