Sunday, September 17, 2023

BGSU Post Game: Sluggo Saturday

AP Photo/Jose Juarez

In a Saturday where Georgia, Florida State, Alabama, and Tennessee all struggled, surely the 40+ point favored Wolverines wouldn't do the same thing at home against its former QB?  Well, they did and it wasn't pretty at times for the #2 ranked team in the nation.  They needed their leader who was in Seattle at a funeral for one of his former Stanford players. 

I don't know, why the Wolverines played so poorly last night, but maybe the Cheers and Jeers will give us a clue:

  • Blake Corum with over 100 yards and 2 TD's
  • Kris Jenkins for game turning pick and run towards the goal line 
  • Big Cam Goode continues to improve and have good games
  • Michigan's defense for only giving up 2 field goals 
  • QB pressure was good with 3 sacks 
  • Roman Wilson is consistently open and fast
  • The offensive line was dominating at times 
  • Getting a win, when you don't have your A game
  • Quinten Johnson with a pick 
  • JJ was off last night, in fact really off.  TCU off.
    • Making the wrong read 
    • Running into traffic against Bowling Green
    • 3 picks - one was a throw away 
    • Even the great catch by COJO was a bad read/throw 
  • Bredeson had a tough game with a fumble and couldn't get lined up on a play 
  • 4 turnovers 
  • Only 3 Wolverines caught passes last night 
  • Michigan OL gave up a sack where a blitz wasn't picked up 
  • Edwards with only 50 yards on the ground 
  • Josh Wallace had some bad coverages last night 
  • McGregor almost had another bad special team's mistake 
  • Injury cart was out way too much 
  • Michigan continues to struggle in night games 

I was in the camp that Michigan didn't need Jimmy through the first 3 games this year and that I could've coached this team to victory.  Last night, I think, was the first time we saw how much he really is needed.  The Wolverines hit some real adversity and their leader wasn't there.  JJ reverted back to a version of himself that we rarely see and the kick off unit almost kept the Falcons in the game by themselves.  

Bowling Green was running out of players, which started prior to the game with the news that starting QB Connor Bazelak (IU transfer) was hurt and wasn't going to play.  The back-up hits a couple long passes on Michigan's secondary and then gets injured.  In comes a lanky walk-on that had no business being in the game and still the Wolverines struggled to put BGSU away. 

Quick side point: How will the Michigan coaches pick a #2 QB if they don't let them run the regular offense when they are in the game?

A win is a win and Michigan still dominated in a game where they turned the ball over 4 times.  There are plenty of things to work on in practice this week as the Wolverines host a much improved 3-0 Rutgers team (that is no joke) next weekend. 

Thoughts around the Big Ten:
  • Cade is hurt and struggling to throw the ball down field.  He looked really slow scrambling. 
  • As I thought, Washington put it on Sparty 
  • Penn State struggled at times against Illinois but poor QB play by Illinois kept the game from being close 
  • Georgia Southern was playing with Wisconsin but had 7 turnovers 
  • Minnesota runs a high school level offense, I'm not saying they have high school level talent, they are just as basic as basic can be and even UNC's defense figured them out. 
  • Nebraska gets the first W of the year 
  • Rutgers handles VT
  • Purdue struggled again 
  • OSU - ND will be interesting next week as I think they are both pretty similar


szanreno said...

Good point on the #2 qb, or any position for that matter. The backups are in and out so fast they don't get a chance for the thrill to wear off and play a few downs of real football. Anyway maybe this will ground them a bit and they'll stop reading their press clippings. Avant said they were getting their bad game out of the way now. Hahaha. Good thing, Rutgers is full of confidence coming in. See you there...

Ron said...

Need Will Johnson back. John Wallace did not look good in coverage.. I was not impressed with the light show too dark most of the time

Thom said...

Hey, after three games you don't have to worry about the "Joe Moore Award" this year.

MichiganMan said...

Kiss that trophy goodbye after the first game

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