Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Spooky Michigan Tuesday: Other Programs Problems?

👻💀Happy Halloween to all the Big House Inmates! 👻💀

When you get tied in a knot with all the information floating around, you can forget Michigan has one of the best teams in the nation right now and other programs are having issues as well.  Case in point:

  • Iowa has finally had enough with Brian Ferentz and his offense.  He had to average 25 points a game this season to keep his job and is nowhere near that mark.  The reports started to come out early on Monday that he was resigning immediately and then Iowa announced he will be with the team until the Bowl Game.  My guess is someone different might be calling offensive plays the rest of the year.  Since Iowa has a nepotism rule, don't forget that Brian reports to the AD.  
  • Clemson is 4-4 and on Dabo's radio show, a caller asks him if his $11.5M salary is worth a 4-4 record and he goes off for 5 minutes on the fan.   Why do we still have Coaches Radio shows?
  • Pitt got blown out by ND last weekend and Pat Narduzzi said this: “I’ll go back, as a football coach you lose a lot of good players from a year ago and you think as a coach you’re going to replace them and obviously we haven’t,”

Back to Michigan Info:
  • Jimmy says you need to let the NCAA situation play out and he is focused on football. 
  • He also says the WSJ report on the rescinded contract offer is not accurate.
  • Jimmy said on his radio show that he is dressing up as Maverick from Top Gun for Halloween
  • Kalel Mullings is back and practicing with the team 
  • Reports are starting to surface that Connor might have attended the CMU - MSU game.  Which would be a clear violation. That game was played on a Friday night.  Or it could just be more BS tied to this story.  I would lean more to the BS side. 
  • Josh Uche might get traded today from the Patriots 
  • Rashan Gary signed a $100M contract extension, congratulations big man!


Froglipps said...

Thanks for the info about the CMU/MSU game .....too bad but this investigation got legs..... What is worse the possible cheating scandal or Harbaugh saying he has no knowledge of it, and Michigan football is on auto-pilot or run by a Wege (forgot how to spell it) board.

What would Bo say about all of this? Will Harbaugh leave now. I do believe contract extension is being held up, will not get one while all of this is going on.... incase anyone forget's, this is a top educational university and cannot become branded Cheater's U.

Froglipps said...

It's my understanding (from reading articles from prominent sportswriters) that the Big Ten can act more quickly than the NCAA, and with a possible preponderance of evidence that they can cancel Michigan football" post season.

Kind of like between a rock and a hard place.... do not get attempt to win National title or win it and have it vacated. But nothing is written in stone and maybe Harbaugh is covered in duck feathers and the storm won't touch him.

Tom said...
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Tom said...

Why is the fact that he went to the CMU/MSU game "on a Friday night" matter?

When do people steal signs? Tuesday nights when they're eating pizza at the Little Brown Jug?

This is all a freaking joke. If this "investigation" were at Mississippi State not a single person in the country would care less.

BTW: Why do teams use nebulous/difficult to interpret signs? Why are there 4 people in different colored hats/shirts sending signs/signals? I'm just going to guess here - but I believe they are doing it that way because the KNOW FOR A FACT their signs are being stolen.

Renegade said...

Remember the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch which makes anything you read in it problematic at best.

To bad. Used to be a quality paper.

Cormac said...

The WSJ is still a quality paper. Maybe you're thinking the Old Grey Lady, the NYT.