Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Wolverine Wednesday: Thank You CFP

The media and the internet love keeping the Connor story alive.  An internet joke of a photo and video of a guy that looks like Connor Stalions is on the sideline of the CMU - MSU dressed in Central Michigan staff gear with a sideline credential.   The internet has pretty much debunked this story for many reasons.

1. There are at least 2 guys on every staff that looks like Connor Stalions 
2. Connor is bald and this guy has hair 
3. No field pass was issued to a Connor Stalions.  One was issued to a Hugh Jazz. 😉
4. If you are going to quietly record a team signals, you don't dress up as a CMU staffer and do it from the opposing sidelines.  
5. CMU must love the coverage, because they should've just come out already and said that's Frankie (made up name) who is on our staff. 
6. Central's coach is very familiar with being mis-represented in a photo (hugging a dead shark!)
7. Michigan insiders are saying that a Harbaugh extension could be done very soon.  Which clearly contradicts the WSJ made up story from Sunday.  This is also a signal they don't believe the NCAA will hit Harbaugh too hard with any penalty from this nonsense. 
8. How are they going to prove it's Connor?  DNA evidence?

The case it could be him:

1. He is a big Corey Hart fan and loves wearing sunglasses at night

How many Connors can you find?

Central did have a nice win over Rocky Lombardi in his 18th year as a college QB and Northern Illinois last night in the snow of Mt. Pleasant. 

From the stupid stuff to the fun stuff.  The CFP did Michigan a huge favor last night and I personally can't thank them enough.  

Ohio State has some nice wins this season, over some very mediocre teams.  I'm not comparing them to Michigan's schedule as OSU strength of schedule to date is much better.   OSU doesn't have the toughest path to Ann Arbor either.   They face Rutgers this weekend, MSU, and Minnesota prior to their trip to Ann Arbor.   So, the odds are that OSU will be #1 when they roll into the Big House in a month. 

This just gives the Wolverines more motivation to play well the rest of the year.  In my opinion, this couldn't' have lined up any better.   Here is a little tip, don't sleep on Rutgers this weekend facing the #1 team in the nation at home.  Rutgers is far and away the best team Michigan has faced this year and if that dual-threat QB goes off and OSU is a little sleepy.  There could be a huge upset or at least too close for comfort game for the Buckeyes. 

  • DPJ is coming home!  The Lions traded a 6th round pick for the talented former Wolverine WR. 
  • UNLV update, they fell to 6-2 as they lost a competitive game to 7-1 Fresno State.
  • Michigan Basketball commit Christian Anderson went for 29 points in Oak Hills season opener.
  • The Raiders fired Josh McDaniel late last night after an embarrassing performance on MNF against the Lions.  Get ready for more Oakland is still in play memes.
  • OSU RB Williams is out for the season with an injury.
  • There is speculation that Kirk Ferentz did not approve of the firing of his son and this could be the final straw for him leaving Iowa after the season. 


Tim said...

A couple of thoughts on the CFP:
1) I realize OSU has had a tougher schedule than Georgia or Michigan, but having them at #1 and Michigan at #3 leaves quite a bit of wiggle room for them to lose to Michigan in a few weeks and still stay at #4 and in playoffs.

2) I am not complaining that Michigan is #3. All good for me, but odd to me that they ranked OSU above Georgia and Michigan for strength of schedule but then didn't give that same courtesy to Washington. If they gave the benefit of the doubt to Ohio State for beating Penn State and ND why isn't Washington above #5? They beat Oregon.

Whatever...first one. Lots of football to be played and teams need to focus on taking care of business week after week. Go Blue!

MichiganMan said...

Good point Tim....Hate to see OSU in the playoffs if they lose to Michigan...
I think either Udove or Orgon if one of them win out will be in and FSU wins out they will be in...assuming Georgia win out as well..

Blue for life

Goblu said...

I suspect if Ohio loses to UM, and either Washington, TX or OR win out, that it will be hard to put Ohio above them.

Most important, though, is that Mich needs to win out.

If they are doing things based on schedule, a bit weird that FSU is below GA and Mich. Kind of just shows that it's not really Ohio against the world...

Goblu said...

Where are you seeing the Connor-CMU story being debunked? I'm still seeing it everywhere and people saying it's fact.

Brady2017 said...

Goblu- Don't get your news from Twitter or 97.1. Fake shit and click bait.

Jimmy Wiggians said...

It’s Connor alright, he done slipped right in there with those cool camera built in shades. Gots show some respect to a true Michigan Man guys a saint.

Thom said...

"Michigan insiders are saying that a Harbaugh extension could be done very soon."
I have heard this for a couple of years. By the time a contract extension is offered Harbaugh will be an NFL coach.