Thursday, November 2, 2023

Big Ten Weekend Preview Week 10

How in the world did we get to week 10 already? That is just crazy talk.  If I had to nickname this weekend's games, I would call it the Big Ten Sneaky Saturday.  None of the games will make national headlines but there are a couple sneaky match-ups that could cause some close games. 

Ohio State (-18.5) @ Rutgers: OSU just was named the #1 team in the nation.  This is a clear example of the CFP committee not watching football games.  Rutgers is solid this year, but let's be honest they continue to be Rutgers.   OSU will struggle early and Rutgers might even have a lead in the 1st and 2nd quarters.  Then OSU realizes they have Marvin Harrison and will win by 2 TD's.  OSU 28 Rutgers 14

Wisconsin (-8.5) @ IU: For about an hour on Saturday I thought Indiana and Wisconsin had both figured it out and were going to have epic upsets.  Then I cursed both programs by watching both games.   As soon as I turn on a potential upset, the favorite starts playing well.   Wisconsin 17 IU 14

Nebraska (-3) @ MSU: Sparty continues to look for its first Big Ten victory of the year (while they pray for Urban Meyer to save them) and Nebraska is one game away from attending a bowl game.  If Matt Rhule had won winnable games against Minnesota and Colorado, he would be the story of college football this year.  Nebraska 20 MSU 9

Penn State (-8.5) @ Maryland: Sneaky game #2.  What do we know for sure about these teams?  James Franklin can't coach on the road and Maryland always starts to swoon in October and November.  Maryland really needs a signature win and this could be the weekend, if they can just stop leaking oil.  I'm calling an upset as Penn State is looking ahead to hosting the Wolverines next weekend.  Maryland 28 PSU 23

Illinois @ Minnesota (-1.5): Can the Golden Gophers get to Indy?  Illinois has been a disappointment this year after having the best defense Michigan saw last season.  Minnesota 21 Illinois 17

Iowa (-5) @ Northwestern; This game is being played at Wrigley.  Iowa is reeling after Daddy had to fire his son this week, but he still is staying on staff until the Bowl Game.  If Northwestern can muster some offense, they have a chance in this one.  Little surprised NW is 4-4.  Iowa 10 NW 9

  • Don't tell me that college programs can't afford helmet communication technology.  Every major conference can afford it.  If the Ivy League and Division 2 schools can't, then don't mandate it in those conferences/divisions.   Give Michigan a big fine and change your damn rules to keep up with advancements in the game.   Move the F on, this one-day story is in its 3rd week. 


Thom said...

"Give Michigan a big fine....." WTF, nothing has been proven and you want to fine them. Give me a break

Ron said...

Big ten coaches are upset that Michigan beating them so bad they feel there's an excuse to be made.. Big 10 coaches want the Big ten to act even though nothing's been proven yet. They said it was a broad scope scheme to steal signs. That hasn't been proven yet. Nobody knows for sure who knew what. Ask the Big ten coaches if they don't try to steal signs?