Monday, November 13, 2023

Michigan Monday: A Too Early Look At Maryland

Maryland won a game on Saturday; they beat Nebraska 13-10.  This stopped a 4-game losing streak, which preceded a 5-game win streak.   To call this team "streaking" is an understatement.   Either way, this team will be heading to a bowl game and I wonder if Tua 2 is rethinking the opportunity of millions in NIL money to leave this off season for a "Southern School".   

Maryland, believe it or not, has its own problems.  Co-Offensive coordinator Kevin Sumlin got a DUI on their Bye week in late October.  Remember Kevin used to be the head coach of Texas A&M?  I wonder how they are doing?  The other Co-OC might also get your attention, its former Michigan OC Josh Gattis.  Who flamed out at Miami after winning the Browles Award on Jimmy's offense.   Seems Maryland's offensive coordinators have a lot of trouble in Florida. 

Maryland is 6-4

Best Win: Indiana 
Worst Loss: Northwestern 

Pass: 281 yards per (24th in the country)
Run: 115.5 per (115th) 

Score: 28.9 points per (58th)
Give Up: 22.4 (46th)

Line: Michigan -21

Maryland wants to pass with Tua 2 at QB, the issue is their offensive line is one of the worst I've seen.   I could only watch a few minutes when they played OSU and PSU as it was a clear miss match.  That Penn State offense we just saw, scored 51 points on this team two weeks ago. 

  • Texas A&M is in the market for a new head coach as they gave Jimbo Fisher his walking papers and $76+ Million to not work there. 
  • James Franklin is running one of the best cons in college football.  He fired his OC on Sunday after bad performances against OSU and Michigan.   At some point, these losses have to stick to the head coach. 
  • Michigan Basketball picked up a huge recruit on Sunday in 2024 5-star forward Khani Rhoots.  Is the signing window still open?
  • Boise State also fired their head coach on Sunday.  Insiders are expecting this might affect Gatlin Bair who won't be enrolling for a few years due to his mission. 
  • Michigan Basketball takes on St. Johns and Rick Pitino tonight in the Gavitt Games.
  • Word is the Big Ten was able to stop the TRO on Friday by hiring local counsel.  Maybe Tony 4T's is not as dumb as we first thought.  Many believe it will be a close one if Michigan is able to win the TRO on Friday.   Lots of legal arguments come down to, if Tony 4T's had the right to suspend Jimmy under the Big Ten Sportsmanship rules.  Clearly, Michigan does not believe he has the power to do so. 
  • Saw Blake Corum in a national Celsius TV AD on Sunday Night Football that also included Bo Nix and Penix. 


MichiganMan said...

Bob, do know if Jim's 3 game suspension is set in stone, or will it get reduced to maybe 1 or two games?

Froglipps said...

MichiganMan you need to call 800-911 Jesus for that one! What do you think he's knows? .... does Bob have ESP? Quit being stupid on purpose or did Mommy drop you on your head too many times.

Have you noticed the regulars hear started laying off you, but you have started to attack them! What are you a mentally ill baby that needs attention, time to go to Dubai (or is that your basement?) The powers to be are meeting Friday, you will know more then!

Chowman said...

Franklin is a boob! Dude can recruit, don't get me wrong, but his in game decisions are 3 stooges-esque. Watching the game Saturday, I didn't get any of his decisions. Not the 2pt conversion attempts, nor going for it on 4th down late in the 3th quarter in his own end. His D was ballin', and he should of let them get the ball back. Oh well worked out for us.

Sorry Sparty, but if Unkle Urby is coming out of the studio, it'll be for the Texas A&M job. They have all that oil money to pay him whatever he wants and have the NIL program that Urban's agent said he wants to have already in place.

Ron said...

Forget about Maryland I want those bucknuts!!!!

MichiganMan said...
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Brady2017 said...

Proud of our boys with a big road win at Penn St.! Hats off to everyone. Let's get Jimmy back on the sideline next and put an end to this suspension bullshit. GO BLUE!!

Goblu said...

Suspending the Head Coach for what would be the school’s 1,000 win is unforgivable. Really beyond acceptable.

BlueManGroup said...

Too bad Michigan doesn't get to play Penn State again in the regular season until 2026. Franklin's decisions make me giggle.

MichiganMan said...
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Brady2017 said...

I don't get why people like James Franklin, I really don't. Same with Kurt Ferentz. Two perennial losers. Give em both extensions as far as I'm concerned. Same with Izzo. I had to laugh when I saw his over-hyped team lose its opener.

Brady2017 said...

I have faith in Michigan's legal team. Tom Mars is as good as it gets. Let's hope cooler heads prevail and 4T Tony realizes Jimmy's one game suspension is enough penalty for him not supervising a low level, very low level staff employee.

MichiganMan said...
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Rudy said...

President of Fox Sports is Mr Silverman....a UM grad and loyalist. It'd be great if he'd sign UM to a contract like NBC did with the Domers. Then UM gives the middle phalanx to the B10 and starts keeping all the $$ they've been sharing with the B10. Next year the playoffs go to 12 so not as important to have league affiliation. Clearly the B10 is a hostile work environment so time to roll. And I'm looking forward to Jimmy going scorched earth with the evidence they've been collecting. Always choose peace but if it's war they want, do so with extreme prejudice!

Blue said...

"President of Fox Sports is Mr Silverman....a UM grad and loyalist. It'd be great if he'd sign a contract like NBC did with the domers" Rudi I'll take that or the ACC in a second.

Also "Always choose peace but if it's war they want, do so with extreme prejudice!" Agree ... Be the third tiger coming up on Noah's ramp and it's beginning to rain.

Chowman said...


believe me there are plenty of PSU fans that are ready to move on, but there is a good portion that look at his recruiting and see promise there. In fact I know a PSU alum that hates Franklin and refers to him as the false promise