Thursday, November 9, 2023

Michigan Thursday: While We're Waiting

If you're missing your weekly tradition of reading the Big Ten Weekend preview, it was posted earlier today. 

I'm really proud how Michigan is responding to the Big Ten and the NCAA during this scandal.  Yes, the media have overblown this situation but the NCAA and Tony 4T's from the Big Ten have welcomed those leaks. 
Michigan took its shot last night with a 10-page response to the Big Ten and Jimmy's lawyer came in with an 8-page response.  

To summarize the responses:
  • Over scouting is very common and has happened to Michigan many times.  
  • A lower-level staffer gave little to no competitive advantage to Michigan
  • You can't punish Michigan on a rumor and not until the NCAA investigation is complete
  • Harbaugh was not aware of this situation 
  • The Big Ten commissioner does not have the power to suspend a coach under this matter
  • Michigan has hired one of the most powerful law firms in the country 
Dan Wetzel has just put the entire 10-page response on twitter/X

Now the media is becoming more level headed and starting to report items in a fair manner. 

  • A Michigan Law Professor gives his take in the Yale Journal on Regulation, that if this goes to court, the NCAA will lose on Anti-Trust laws, like they have in the past. 

If you're wondering if Michigan Football is focused this week, with all this off field sh*t?  Manny Diaz comes in to troll the Wolverines, while trying to fire up the fans in Happy Valley. 


Goblu said...

my biggest lesson from this is that Mich needs to tighten up its hiring. Connor, Schemy, Weiss. That's too many bad hires in a very short period

MichiganMan said...

I agree with you. Go blue smartest thing you said with your PhD

Let's put all the noise behind us and let's take care of the business versus PSU

Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

I'm gonna put it out there- Penn St. 17, The Victors 31. GO BLUE!!

Brady2017 said...

Excellent posts Bob in summarizing this fiasco. I stopped watching the news and listening to the radio because of all the hyperbole, lies, and speculation. Everyone piling on Michigan without any facts or hearing Michigan's side of the story. Just goes to show you how the media is. They'd sell their soul for a scoop on a story. In other words, the media are professional trolls.

Many Diaz would rather be a clown than focus on football. Good. Let's embarrass him (and his crybaby head coach) even further on Saturday!

Chowman said...


Agreed, better vetting needs to be done. Not sure what Warde Manual's role is at Michigan besides coat rack. The AD needs to be some type of check and balance so coaches don't bring in just anyone!

Chowman said...


Yeah, I've tuned out the Valenti show for a week now. I know many UofM fans hate his guts and I understand that, but at times he can be somewhat unbiased. Not on this subject. Rico on the other hand is a disingenuous SoB anytime it regards Michigan. Just got tired of Mike whinning about having to cover the Michigan scandal, then doing 3 1/2 hrs on it. He is loving every minute of this. Or him complaining about every time something comes up about MSU, people bring up the Nassar thing when they have nothing to do with each other. Then early in this story, brought up both Dr. Anderson and the Mazi Smith gun incident.

szanreno said...

I wonder how many schools out there right now are in damage control mode?

Brady2017 said...

Chowman- Congratulations my friend. You have definitely figured out Valenti and Rico. Don't let Mike fool you. He can be diplomatic at times, but he hates Michigan and Michigan fans with a passion! Same with half that station. Gator, Caputo, Jeff Lesson, all MSU alum with massive grudges towards UM. You know what I say? F em all! GO BLUE!!

Goblu said...

I'm loving how our guys are talking about PSU... 'smash mouth', 'great team', 'amazing defense', 'talented offense'.

Love seeing these guys prepped to avoid billboard materials and to play a smart head game.