Monday, November 20, 2023

The Original Michigan Monday: Too Early Look at The Buckeyes and Safety Dance

Well, here we are again.  Two programs 11-0 meeting in cold and maybe snowy Ann Arbor in the middle of a holiday weekend.  One team was ranked #1 by the CFP a few weeks ago and another has had more off field drama than a day time soap opera.  Time to take a quick glance at the Buckeyes:

#2 OSU 

Record: 11-0
Best win: #12 Penn State at home  
Worst Loss: None

Pass: 283.7 Per game (24th)
Run:  145.5 (86th)
Score: 33.6 (24th)
Give Up: 9.3 (2nd)

We know that OSU always has elite WR's and this year is no exception with maybe the best WR in the country in Marvin Harrison, Jr., son on the NFL Hall of Famer.   OSU, like Michigan's run game, doesn't jump off the statistics page but whoever runs the ball more effectively will have a leg up in this match-up.  Marvin can take control of this game and it will be Michigan's priority to make sure that doesn't happen.  

Line: Michigan -4

What a strange weekend for Safeties and the Wolverines.  Michigan's defense/special teams scored 2 against Maryland in a blocked punt and a grounding penalty.  Then Hutch strips Bears QB Justin Fields to secure the Lions win on Saturday.  

  • Blake Corum continued his tradition of handing out turkey's in Ypsi on Sunday.  A true Michigan Man! 
  • Injuries are always a concern before the OSU game.  Michigan will need to heal up quickly this week, while preparing for battle and enjoying some Turkey. 
  • Schoonmaker got a TD for the Cowboys on Sunday.
  • All of us were expecting some uneven efforts on the court from Michigan Basketball this season.  We got one on Friday night. 
  • Loved that some of the Michigan Fans stormed the field at Maryland to celebrate 1000 victories.  
  • Here is a fun fact - Did you know back in 1890 one of Michigan's wins was over Ann Arbor High, now known as Ann Arbor Pioneer?  Many college programs during that time had to schedule high schools to fill out a schedule.  Hat tip to John U. Bacon for that nugget! 
  • There are starting to be rumors that Kirk Ferentz might be retiring after the season. 


Goblu said...

Would rather that line be flipped. Losing Partridge stinks.

If our boys aren’t ravenously hungry, I’m worried big time about this Game.

MichiganMan said...

Let's go Michigan .....
Show these boys who is their Daddy...

Michigan 38 OSU 23

Blue for life

Froglipps said...

Unfortunate about losing Partridge, he will be in a pear tree at least thru the holidays ... sorry for the inconvenience.

Brady2017 said...

Love the Blake tradition of helping the less fortunate. True Blue Michigan Man! I think I might get a Corum '2' road jersey. I rarely splurge on such a thing, but only on jerseys worthy. I have a HOWARD 21 era appropriate road jersey, a BRADY 10 home jersey (c'mon, of course I do, he's family!), a HART 20 home jersey that I usually bust out for MSU because I know how much they love him, and a maize HARBAUGH 4 jersey. I kinda wish we would wear the all maize look, its been a while (maybe vs. Florida?).

At least Michigan has stopped playing high school opponents. Have you seen Alabama's schedule every year? It's good for a few laughs if you want to check it out. (Mercer is a school??)

Quality win against Maryland, who in my opinion, played better than Penn St.

MichiganMan said...

Hey guys, do you love the comments I made?

Blue for life

Fire harbor for cheating

Goblu said...