Friday, January 12, 2024

Michigan Friday: More Departures

As we know, attrition on Michigan's roster is to be expected.   We got more news yesterday that we were expecting and some we weren't.

NFL Draft:

-Zak Zinter is considered one of the best offensive lineman in the country.  He will be heading to the NFL Draft. 

-Junior Colson has been a tremendous LB for Michigan and quietly lead this National Championship defense in tackles while playing with one hand.  He is also headed to the NFL. 

Portal News:

-Amorion Walker is heading to the portal.  He was the tall WR that Michigan tried to flip into a CB.  He struggled in the spring game and really only saw a few snaps on defense this year.  That project may have failed or at least it was too early to tell.  Either way he will be looking for a new situation. 

-WR Cristian Dixon was rumored to be next in the portal but he said on social media he is staying and playing defense. 

Portal Needs:

Michigan needs some WR help in the portal.  Looking for one CB might also make sense but I know the coaches are excited about the freshman class. 

Michigan might need an experienced QB as well, depending on JJ's decision. 

  • NCAA alleges FSU might have broken some NIL rules 
  • ESPN used fake names to gain Emmy Awards.  Where is Pete on this story?
  • Mike MacDonald interviewed with Carolina. 
  • Quinn Ewers will be returning to Texas, who faces Michigan next season.
  • Dan Lanning staying a Duck and Mayo hired as Patriots coach.
  • Egbuka also returning to Ohio State 


Chowman said...

wow, I know a lot Tide fans thought that Lanning was a done deal. Makes sense though when you look at who he brought in through the TP and his recruiting class. It's nice to see a guy that doesn't chase the dollar and commits to his players.

Hopefully Zak makes a speedy recovery and he's wearing Honolulu Blue and Silver next fall. Lord knows Brad is going to have to make some hard choices on the OL for next season.

Goblu said...

Will Johnson said on a podcast that the team knows what both JJ and Jim H are going to do. Not sure how to read that - one way is that Jim hasn't even interviewed yet, so how can he be sure he's gonna get the NFL gig he wants. So, he's staying.
Or, he knows there are so many openings that he's just going to go no matter.

Who knows.

szanreno said...

Several folks on here believe that Jim, if he goes into an interview and goes “Jimmy” he submarines his own chances. Fact is not one person on here has any idea of how he acts in an interview. Here is a fact,,, every GM of every professional football team knows how successful Jim is everywhere he goes, and they “know” his Jimmy personality. If they would be surprised by either they just climbed out from under a rock. If he came into your home would you be surprised about how he acts? Do you not think he was not talked about after he left the 49ers. They know what their getting into beforehand. It’s crazy to think otherwise. Stop all this non-sense about what happened in the interviews, you don’t know. That said, I pray he stays, but, as a driven personality, I don’t blame him if he goes…. said...

Now that Saban has retired, Will Johnson needs to reach out to his friend Domani Jackson and get him to flip from Bama to Big Blue!

Chowman said...

I think you know what JJ and Jim are doing, or in Jim's case, wanting to do if you start seeing a lot of guys that were in line to compete for starting jobs going into the TP.

Rudy said...

Pete Thamel is like that little punk in high school who was good at absolutely nothing but running around and spreading gossip. He needs a solid punch in the yapper.

Blue said...

Hoping/Looking for some good news tomorrow at the Crisler Center celebration event honoring the Michigan Football National Championship Team.

Kalen DeBoer to Alabama.

MichiganMan said...

Guys, JJ and Blake are leaving for NFL

Blue for life

Brady2017 said...

We need to get a good, experienced QB in the portal. I don't think I've ever seen Orji throw a pass. Prob a reason for that. Getting a good QB won't be easy with all the NFL and Jimmy rumors, along w Gatlin Bair. I'm gonna sit this part out from worrying and just enjoy the Natty and some fresh Natty gear I ordered. HAIL!

Brady2017 said...

Oh, and J.J. got engaged.

Brady2017 said...

Why do coaching searches end up being such a long, drawn out event at Michigan? Replacing Lloyd was a nightmare. Even worse when R.R. was let go. Look at Alabama. In less than a week we learn of Saban retiring and the hiring of the top, young coach to replace him in DeBoer. Oh well, it is what it is.

Brady2017 said...

How's Lloyd Carr's health? How old is he? Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking???

Brady2017 said...

Warde's first phone call if Jimmy leaves- RING RING RING....Hello, Nick?

szanreno said...

I thought Nick may give OSU a shot after Day gets fired.

Brady2017 said...

Scratch Jed Fisch off the list of potential replacements for Jimmy. He was just named Head Coach of Washington.