Friday, January 26, 2024

Michigan Friday: No Search Needed

Any media or article that talks about a Michigan head coaching search is either just looking for clicks or has Brian Kelly's agent spending money for them to publish the article.  

Let me be as clear as possible: Brian Kelly will never be the head football coach of the University of Michigan.  U of M had multiple chances to hire him and never even gave him any serious consideration.   

The table is set and it of course will be Sherrone Moore.  The only issue from announcing it, is the 7 day posting State of Michigan law   The only thing left to figure out is the staff, Michigan has 2 guys that are must saves in my opinion in Jessie Minter and Ben Herbert.   Yes, Michigan has other talented coaches but those two are top of the market coaches.  They also should be paid like it.  I believe Ben is already and Minter should have a nice raise coming if he stays in A2. 

For some strange reason, Michigan can't hire Sherrone, then what?  Ok, if we are going to play that game and I'm assuming Jedd does not want to back out of the UW job even though his heart might want the gig in Ann Arbor. 

1. Mike MacDonald, he is being interviewed for a number of NFL jobs.
2. Jesse Minter, I actually think his unit was better then the offense in the CFP this year. 
3. David Shaw, the guy knows how to replace Jimmy.
4. Nick Saban, he has to be bored by now right? 😅

If Michigan can get a waiver on the 7 day rule, this should be all settled by this weekend.  

  • Jimmy is expected to address the team today for the final time. 
  • Would Grant Newsome be the OL coach when Sherrone is hired?  I think that is a safe bet. 
  • Enjoy the last real football Sunday of the season. 


Brady2017 said...

Another quality post by Bob, who summed things up perfectly. Let's hope Sharrone is up to the task of running a big time program like Michigan and picks up where Jimmy left off.

I am always up for intelligent banter and debate on anything Michigan here. Please make sure your takes are respectful and have merit in the conversation.


Goblu said...

Will be super interesting to see which Assistants stay/go. Agree those are the two most important.

Question - Lloyd Carr was never a head coach before Michigan, right?

Goblu said...

And agree on respectful - good to not call people twits, boyfriends or reference basements. Fully agree that isn't necessary or an adult way to communicate.

MichiganMan said...

Give the job to Sean Moore. He earned it. Best of luck to him and his staff that he hires...

Guys, I cannot get over the fact that we won the national championship. I must have watched the Alabama and Washington game at least 20 times already

Blue for life

BlueManGroup said...

It'll be interesting to see whether Jim Harbaugh helps feed Sherrone's coaching pipeline in years 2 and beyond like John did. I have to believe Jim will do everything he can to help Sherrone be successful. I don't expect him to leave Minter in place (Minter can add tremendous value with the Chargers) but taking Ben Herbert (when S&C condition coaches have little impact in the NFL) would be a slap in the face to a guy without whom Jim would not have won the natty.

Chowman said...

At one time it looked like Brian Kelly was a slam dunk at Michigan, but then there was that scandal at CMU where I think a player shot another player at one of the bars in town. That torpedoed any chance of him being the UofM coach, thank God!

Even if Minter was to stay, its not going to be for very long. I fully expect him to be Jim's DC in LA. Herbert does have a close relationship with Harbaugh, but he is very well paid at Michigan, and earns every penny. Not sure the Chargers will want to pay him that kind of scratch. And the cost of living on the left coast is stupid. So even if he got the same salary, its a huge pay cut.

Mikey Mac: he's on the fast track for an NFL HC job
Minter: either be Jim's new DC or John's. Either way he's NFL bound
Shaw: I've seen articles where if Greg Roman doesn't want the Chargers OC gig, that Shaw might be a candidate.
Saban: put a fork in him, he's done. He doesn't like NIL and he doesn't like the TP. He's over it!

Tim said...

Good post and nice takes.

What about Mike Hart? What happens to him? Any chance he is the OC? I just hate to lose him.

I agree, Minter almost certainly gone. Herbert is set to make $1 million annually. I don't see where Jim could use him and pay him that kind of cash. I sure hope he stays.

Thom said...

If everyone thinks Minter leaving is a done deal....why is he out recruiting?

Rudy said...

Sherrone to HC. He’s already talked about being more aggressive in recruiting and NIL which is great. Minter will leave. Leanard was great at WI and with much less talent than UM gets. Would load sherone’s contract with incentives all to be earned. He hasn’t done quite enough to get a top-tier contact like Jimmy would get. Make it three years and then reassess.

Ron said...

I wish I was a fly on the wall in that team meeting with Harbaugh today... Yes I think mike hart will get some kind of promotion

Brady2017 said...

It's official. Sharrone is the new Head Coach of The University of Michigan. Coach Moore has my 100% support. Go gettem, 'Pappa Moore'!

I keep thinking if Warde was to blame for Jimmy leaving. The bottom line is, he didn't get it done. However, he DID get the contract drawn up and signed off on within two weeks of the season ending, a reasonable amount of time. Jimmy ultimately had the ball in his court last, and could have signed the contract to stay. It just wasn't meant to be. Jim was hellbent on leaving and no one could have stopped him.

Brady2017 said...

Doesn't seem like Warde cast a very big net for the new Head Coach, as Collin Cowheard suggested. Prob didn't even leave his living room. Lol

Brady2017 said...

I thought a public university had to post a job opening for 7 days?