Monday, January 22, 2024

Michigan Monday: Happy For the Lions

Been a great two weeks if your a football fan in great State of Michigan.  The Wolverines win a National Championship and the Detroit Lions win 2 playoffs games at home and headed to the NFC Championship Game.  The Lions are close to a TD underdog against the 49'ers but either way this season has been a tremendous accomplishment for a franchise that has endured 40+ years of losing.   Loved seeing Hutch take in the moment last night. 

The Bills - Chiefs was also a great game as the Bills franchise falls short again on wide right field goal.  Quick question, what is Hardman (who has been injured, started the year on the Jets, and fumbled the first time he had the ball in the game) doing with the ball inside the 10 with the game on the line?  That was right after the worst executed fake punt in the history of fake punts by the Bills. 

Jimmy was in Baltimore to support his brother with the Ravens win over the Texans.  Unless he has an NFL job wrapped up by Sunday, I expect he will be there again.  Could John win the Super Bowl the same season Jimmy wins the Natty?

Speaking of Jimmy and the NFL, this has been a strange NFL hiring season.  Both the Falcons and Chargers continue to interview the world for their head coaching vacancies.  Has Seattle interviewed anyone? Jimmy is expected to get a 2nd round interview with the Falcons this week.   Hard for me to believe that Michigan isn't in Jimmy's agent ear every hour to try to get a deal done.  If he wants a 3 person panel, then give him a 3 person panel.  Who the hell cares? 

  • It's clear what Ohio State's strategy is for next season, buy as many players as you can from Alabama's roster.  Lane Kiffin tweeted that OSU has a $13M NIL budget this off season and are spending it like crazy.   Good luck with that strategy.   
  • Michigan has 7 players on rosters for the new USFL/XFL Merger League.  These are all names you would expect.  Players make $53K for the season:
    • Brandon Rusnak (formerly Watson), CB, Arlington
    • De’Veon Smith, RB, Arlington
    • Carlo Kemp, DE, Birmingham
    • Channing Stribling, CB, Birmingham
    • Donovan Jeter, DT, D.C. Defenders
    • Willie Henry, DT, Memphis
    • Juwann Bushell-Beatty, T, St. Louis
  • Michigan got a Holy Cross Long Snapper from the Portal
  • Former Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo has been named San Jose State Head Coach. 
  • Congrats to Alabama Sophomore and US Ameatur Champion Nick Dunlap on winning on the PGA Tour as an Ameatur!  The last person to do it was Phil in 1991. 


Brady2017 said...

Jimmy and these stupid interviews. Just wake me when it's over. Who knows wtf is going on.

Brady2017 said...

The Lions. Holy shit. For most of my life these guys have let me down and broke my heart. They look like real Super Bowl contenders. Big shout out to the best NFL team this city has had in 30 years!

Brady2017 said...

In three years Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes have turned this franchise around. My only explanation has to involve Chris Spielman. Whithout Chris, the grittiest player the Lions have ever known, I highly doubt that DC and Holmes are in Detroit. Just makes you wonder- how can an organization be so consistently bad for so long? It's not that hard to turn things around if you know what you're doing.

Brady2017 said...

I don't recall ever having so many Michigan Wolverines on the Lions before this year. Hutchinson, DPJ, Graham Glasgow. Coincidence the Lions are winning??

Ron said...

Just a comment about Ohio State with what they're doing with the nil.. let's not forget a graduate of Ohio State is George steinbrenner who liked to by championships himself

BlueManGroup said...

Remember how many 5 stars were on the OSU team we just beat 3 straight years and imagine how much pressure will be on a roster being paid $13M to avoid going 0-4.

Chowman said...

The return on NIL dollars has been mixed at best in the NCAA, but the bottom line is Ryan Day is still the coach. I never thought much of CJ Stroud. Thought he melted in big moments, but what he did in his rookie season and in the playoffs, I think it was Ryan Day's play calling that held Stroud back. I fully expected Stroud to be another in a long line of OSU QB busts, but he looked really good this season. A lot of OSU issues is Day is a boner!

Brian H said...

You need to have a mix of talent and teamwork. All the 5 stars in the world won't help you win if they are all prima donnas and are only in it for themselves.

Rudy said...

Lane Kiffin throwing shade? Hillarious since he’s one of the dirtiest there is and seems to be up to it again. NCAA needs to stop worrying about burgers and start figuring out how to stop bags of cash being handed out.

Goose said...

Bags of cash are legal now, poorly timed cheeseburgers are not.