Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Michigan Tuesday: In The Zone Where Something Can Happen

John U. Bacon loves to say about Harbaugh leaving Michigan, "Nobody knows anything".  That continues to be the case for the last couple of weeks.  Jimmy has interviewed with the LA Chargers and Atlanta Falcons.  Both have scheduled 2nd interviews.  Most believe Jimmy is really only interested in the Chargers job. 

Now, NFL insider Mike Garafolo is saying the meeting between the Chargers and Jimmy this week is more about what his staff would look like and who the GM might be.   Mike said, "this feels like the zone where something can happen and there is a strong offer financially."  Mike also believes Jimmy really wants to go to the NFL and is not holding up Michigan for a better offer.  That a deal could be done in the near future. 

There is plenty speculation in those comments, even though they sound definite.  

If your interviewing Harbaugh or Belichick for a 2nd time, your not asking them how they have overcome adversity?  You are talking about staff, style of play, can you work with GM X or Y? Who do you like in the draft and how can you get the best out of our QB?

The Chargers have a solid roster with big contracts and ready to win.  I love Harbaugh but if I was running the Chargers he would not be my top prospect.  He is an old school coach that is much better for college then the NFL.  The 49'ers staff and players grew tired of his message.  NFL coaches are hired to be fired.  Look at Philly, they were in the Super Bowl last year and now Siriani is barley keeping his job and is on the "hot seat".  Jimmy's brother is the exception, not the rule when it comes to head coaching tenure. I would back up the bus for Ben Johnson. 

Michigan has one last shot and should not let Harbaugh on the plane to LA if they are serious about keeping him.  I've heard other reports that the Chargers are still planning to do 2nd interviews with many candidates and could still be a week or 2 away from a decision.  Nobody knows anything.

  • Michigan Basketball plays Purdue tonight.  Yikes! 
  • Seems the Titans are moving forward with the Bengals OC as their next head coach. 


Chowman said...

Go out and search for LA Chargers blog sites. It's overwhelming how bad they want Harbaugh. They're tired of Spanos hiring unproven coaches with no HC experience and see Jim as the guy that knows how to build a staff and put together a winning culture.

Chowman said...

Bob, Ben Johnson is the other guy that many Charger fans covet, but the lionshare are calling for Harbaugh. This is a long suffering fan base, not as long as the Lions, but long all the same. They've tired of coordinators with no HC experience and don't know how to build a team/staff, let alone run one. Is Harbaugh the answer? Probably not, but time will tell. Could come down to how much power Spanos is willing to give Jim as he doesn't usually work well with others. Its also why the Chargers are going to hire a coach first and then find the right GM to work with the new coach.

Chowman said...

Rumors are Greg Roman will be JH's OC, and he'd bring Jesse Minter and Jay Harbaugh with him. Also, he flew out to LA with his wife for the 2nd interview.

Rudy said...

Gonna go ahead and disagree with you on that one. JH does wear his welcome thin but winning fixes everything. He could get the chargers to the Bowl before wearing out his welcome. I really hate to see him go but grow tired of the annual guessing game. And the NCAA is beyond a joke….they even broke the god Saban. Suckeyes just paid $20M in the portal and they worry about burgers. Screw the NCAA Jim, go get your nut in LA.

Rudy said...

And how about Turdue beating up on that DIII school...or thems our boys. Sorry Juwan but this relationship isn't going to last, it ain't you it's me. No, it's you.