Monday, January 15, 2024

Michigan Monday: This Could Be an Issue

Jimmy is set to meet with the Chargers today.  No decision is expected from either side right away, so Michigan still has a fighting chance.  The issue is, with Nick Saban's surprise retirement, Michigan lost two potential head coaching candidates to backfill Harbaugh in DeBoer and Jedd.  

Your first thought might be, "that is crazy talk Bob, our top candidate is on staff in Sherrone Moore!"  

I don't disagree, but when your the Michigan head football coach you need head coaching experience and my top choice would've been Jedd if Jimmy skips town.   I also understand that Sherrone has a few weeks of being head coach, but don't forget that was just for 3-4 hours on four Saturday's last season.   Jimmy was there during the week.  I think Sherrone is a great prospect but that is a huge jump in responsibility and bright lights factor. 

JJ goes to the NFL - This is not a surprise and yes, it would've been great to have him for one more year but I've seen him as high as 12 on some draft boards and that is too high to pass up.  Now, Michigan has to either develop Orji into more of a passer/runner or look to the portal.  Right now, only Will Rodgers would even be a remote possibility in the portal.

The rest of the players that declared were all expected and I wish them the best of luck.  They will always been known as National Championships and the team that brought Michigan back to the summit.  

Warde, what are you doing?  Yes, he said the right things at the Championship Celebration but what is going on?  If Jimmy does want to stay and wants to see the love, show him the love.  I do have questions if Warde is competent in his role, but I know Santa is.   I think it's time for Michigan's President to step in and get this contract done.   Memo to Regents, step in if you have to.  Get the damn thing done! 

Today is the last day players can declare for the NFL Draft.  Josaiah Stewart is coming back and now we wait for The Don to make a decision.  

  • Congrats to the Detroit Lions and its playoff win.  It's been a great week of football for Michigan and Lions fans. 
  • Andre Seldon who was at New Mexico State has transferred to TCU
  • Hutch had a pretty good week!
  • Did anyone know that Nick Sheridan is/was the TE coach for Washington? He is expected to go to Alabama with DeBoer.  Double agent?
  • Livers got traded from the Pistons to Washington and will get to play with Poole again.


Ron said...

I didn't know Nick Sheridan was on Washington staff nobody said anything about that very surprising

Cormac said...

As I explained to my dad last night, Michigan doesn't have a designated heir to JJ's throne as QB1. Orgi has thrown *1* pass in two years. That was a 5-yard swing pass. I would be more comfortable with Jaydn Davis being the starting QB. If it wasn't for his name, Orji would be a footnote.

Blue said...

If Jim leaves I'm putting the reason why 100% upon grandstanding Warde's shoulders.

Brady2017 said...

I dont know what more Warde can do. He's already drawn up a contract that would make Jimmy the highest paid coach in college football. He can't grab Jim's hand and force him to sign it. If it will help any, I'll throw in the use of my time share condo in Florida to sweeten the deal.

Goblu said...

Who knows for sure, but what I've read is that the issue is around can he be terminated for cause based on what already is known with both NCAA investigations. If new info arises, then he could in theory be subject to termination for cause.

Doesn't seem like an unreasonable position for him to take - not sure if or why the Univ is not saying yes to that.

Donovan is coming back.

Thom said...

If Harbaugh was to come back, which I don't care, next year would just be another Dog and Pony show with him and the NFL. Getting damm tired of his charades.

Brady2017 said...

Goblu- Excellent points. Thanks for the good news on Donovan!

Brady2017 said...

Thom- Nobody enjoys Jimmy's dog and pony show. I honestly don't know why he does it.

Tim said...

Jimmy is Jimmy, I wish he would sign a massive long term deal with Michigan. But he is who he is. If we are going to keep Jimmy this is an annual deal we need to work through.

Rudy said...

Sharrone is a great coach and mentor, but maybe not quite his time yet? First priority of new coach would be to pay Sharrone big $$ to make sure he stays. Gotta think Jimmy takes Minter with him. As for next coach, hear me out....take a stab at Vrabel. Seriously. Even Taylor Lewan said the man would crush it at the college level and how cool would it be to take a $uckeye legacy and turn him from evil like a born-again getting baptized!! He could be the new Schembeckler story.

Blue said...

The supposed $120M Harbaugh contract was a leak, some believe/confirmed that Warde Manuel was the leaker, there is no $120M contract offer and Harbaugh may not even at this stage have a contract to sign.

After the 2021 season after beating Ohio State & making the playoffs Warde should of made it a priority to sign Harbaugh ... Not Signed!.

After the 2022 season after beating Ohio State & making the playoffs ... Still Not Signed!

This year after winning the National Championship Warde is ... Still Working On A Contract! Dose it not seem that something is awry here?

Harbaugh loves Michigan, has said he'll stay at Michigan "as long as they'll have me". I believe him, he's a man of his wore, not so much Warde.

Thom said...

Blue, I have to disagree. You stated the following, ..said he'll stay at Michigan "as long as they'll have me". Can't believe anyone can believe that myth.Jim played for Bo and the team concept.."The Team The Team, The Team." Now with Jimmy it's "Me, Me Me."

Blue said...

Thom, I guess that's why he help pay his assistants ($M+) during the covid year when their salary's were cut.

Also believe he's said he would be willing to donate 5%-10% of his own salary to help pay the players if it was legalized.

As well as what he does behind the scene that most people aren't aware of.

That doesn't sound to me that Jimmy is "its Me, Me, Me.

Are we talking about the same person?

Thom said...

Same person. Little jimmy "I want to go to the NFL, please take ME" If no one takes him another year of the same old Dog & Pony Show after the seasons done or maybe before. Ever wonder why some top recruits stay is not only NIL. Take a moment and think about it.

Goose said...

Didn’t Jim say last year if my memory serves me correctly that he was done flirting with nfl opportunities? He was all in for Michigan and betting on himself. I’m very grateful for what the team and it’s coach have accomplished & personally hope he stays. However it is frustrating when at the end of every season it’s this same wishy washy situation. It makes recruiting more difficult and affects the team. You can’t build a dynasty when no one who the coach will be from year to year. Best of luck in whatever choice you make. Michigan has a very respectable offer on the table sign or let the Wolverines move onto the next guy for the sake of stability. Enjoy the blog