Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Wolverine Wednesday: Tuesday Came and Went with the Chargers

Many in the NFL media thought an offer and acceptance between the Chargers and Jimmy would come by Tuesday night.  Jimmy did meet with the Chargers on Tuesday but reports are he is back in Ann Arbor now.  So we don't know what was discussed in the interview and if they're in negotiation or are the Chargers continuing their process.   

NFL Reports are a salary in the neighborhood of $18M per from LA and if Jimmy left he would be taking Minter and Jay Harbaugh with him.   His OC would be Greg Roman.   

Michigan is reported now have an offer out to Jimmy making him the highest paid coach in college football and like the Nike/Jordan contract, it has escalators built in so he is always the highest paid coach (if another coach gets a better contract).  The new contract has reported safeguards against an overly aggressive NCAA. 

A few things come to mind.  

Ok, why did that take so long?
What is Jimmy asking for from the Chargers?
If he is looking for stability, that is clearly in Ann Arbor.  If he is looking for a Super Bowl win then he has to try his luck at the NFL.  
Does he have any NFL offers?

I know this is painful for us Michigan fans but the longer this takes, the better it is for his return to Michigan.

  • Will Rogers will stay at UW and play for Jedd Fisch
  • Minter is out on the road recruiting
  • Snoop says Pete Carroll wants the Chargers job


Ron said...

No comment on the basketball teams performance last night 🤔

Brady2017 said...

Snoop is hilarious. His narration of animals is the wild is a must Google.

Brady2017 said...

NEWSFLASH- Michigan basketball isn't going to win the Championship this year. Won't turn me into an ugly hater though. GO BLUE!

Cormac said...

Jimmy is gone. At least the drama is over.