Friday, February 9, 2024

Michigan Friday: Amoeba or Don't Need Ya

There are only 2 upsides for hiring Wink Martindale as DC. 

1. He invented the Amoeba Defense that Macdonald and Minter have been running at Michigan. 
2. Hopefully Michigan's talented players see this as a person to prepare them for the NFL Draft and they stay in Ann Arbor and not chase big NIL checks in the portal.

That is it.  

I believe this is a terrible hire for Sherrone and a disaster waiting to happen.  Wink was a huge problem for the NY Giants last season and that was after John Harbaugh fired him.   Reports are his was disruptive in coaches meetings and couldn't get along with Giants head coach Brian Daboll. 

If you believe I'm being too negative.  Let me ask you a question: Why didn't Jimmy hire him?  Why didn't Mike Macdonald hire him?  Why didn't Dallas hire him?  If everyone in the NFL wants to run the Ravens defense,  Why didn't any other NFL team hire him?   Because the word is out and there are no secrets in the NFL. 

This is a huge mistake.  Sherrone is a young brand new coach, he doesn't need a guy like this looking over his shoulder.   He needs young hungry coaches that match his style of coaching.   This isn't a Phil Martelli situation.  Phil was respected by everyone and had a great track record.  

If you know anything about management/leadership styles this is an explosive situation with a high likelihood of not working.   Remember Jimmy hired a defensive coach, I forgot his name and the reports were he didn't get along with anyone and was coaching from home?  

Wink is 60, he won't be recruiting, he is trying to save his career and will take the first bus back to the NFL.  

Another thought you might have is:  Alabama does this every year and rebuilds a coaches reputation and they move on to become successful head coaches.  That was because Saban was there.   I would be less concerned about this hire if Harbaugh was still the head coach.   

This is the type of sh*t I was worried about when Jim left.  He absolutely pillaged the coaching staff at the worst possible time to find replacements in college football.   I love what he did for this program but he is lighting it on fire on the way out. 

I know I'm being overly emotional but this truly is a terrible decision by Michigan's Leadership.   This also falls on Warde for letting it happen. 

  • Speaking of Warde, he is now the chair of the CFP committee.  With a wave of discontent from Michigan fans on the job he is doing at Michigan.  
  • John U Bacon says there are discussion about the regents extending Warde.  Can someone read the room please?
  • Jordan Kovacs got promoted to the Bengals Secondary coach.  Congrats Jordan! 


Goblu said...

I'll give my delusional, glass half-full take on this. Sheronne told Clink that they need a gray hair for a year or two, and that then Clink is the DC for reals. And, since Wink taught Minter and MacD, then this is a chance for Clink to absorb what they absorbed.

Again, my hopeful take, nothing more than that.

Thom said...

This will be interesting hire to see who sticks around to play for a DC that no one in the NFL wants any part of.

Blue said...

Those couple of UM regents and (higher ups?) that want to extend Warde Manuel's contract are in my mind the the same regents and higher ups, that were against Jim remaining as head coach, of which Warde help in accommodating.

BlueManGroup said...

I love the hire. Wink's a guy that wants nothing more than to run it back and then depart for the NFL. His motivation is perfectly aligned with the studs on our D. Show the world he/Michigan hasn't lost a step, run the table, and pound OSU. Go Blue!

Ron said...

I'm sure Sherrone, talk to sorted out John Harbaugh for a job reference for wink😉 I'm sure Sherrone did his homework before he hired him

Blue said...

Bottom line in bringing in Wink is that he's more familiar with the scheme that brought Michigan championships than anyone else. Expectations are of him to continue that success.

How he handles adjusting to the college game, will he stay in line under a first time head coach far younger than him, will the players unify behind him, can he adjust in having a defensive line that can get to the quarterback without having to call an array of blitzes, all answers will be answer, some sooner than others.

His ability to recruit is secondary, having a dominate defense is of course primary. Bringing in and already having great recruiters underneath him is what counts.

"Sources say Martindale arrived in Ann Arbor early Thursday afternoon and quickly established rapport with Moore. That same favorable vibe is said to have been established with many of Michigan’s top defensive players when they all sat together to watch film of U-M’s victory over Ohio State last season. Bonding with their would-be coordinator over their latest Buckeye beatdown was part of indoctrinating him with the program's primary mission."

It is what it is, and I'll be rooting for him to have the upmost success while here at Michigan.

Chowman said...

Bob Great points. I think Wink is going to be a disaster. The only logic for the hire is he well versed in the D that Michigan's run for the past 3 years. But like you said, nobody in the NFL wanted him. He was run out of NY. I've heard similar criticisms of him: obstinate and hard to get along with. His D calling has also become predictable and why John was willing to move on.

I just don't see a 60 yo connecting with 18, 19 & 20 year old and doubt he'll have much passion to recruit. I get the desire for continuity, but this screams "bad hire". I pray I'm wrong.

MichiganMan said...

If he is such a bad hire, I think the harbor brothers would have told him not to hire him.

I said we give this old fart an opportunity and let's see what he does with that. If he acts up and doesn't get along with the coaches fire his ass ASAP

Blue for life

Chowman said...

Problem with that logic is Wink can cause a lot of damage before he leaves. As far as the Harbaugh brothers, they have no loyalty to Michigan and the football program. John was never a Wolverine. His Dad was on Bo's staff and his loyalty was to his brother not the program. Now that Jim's gone, there's nothing that ties him to UofM. And Jim has shown where his loyalties are: HIMSELF. If he had won a Naty out of the gate, he'd of been gone a long time ago. Winning a Naty was more about making him more attractive to the NFL and not doing it for the fanbase. Jim used the program and the fans and the fans used him. He got back to the NFL and we got a Naty. Other than that, he's dead to me. He's no longer part of the program and even worse seems to have no issue with tearing down what he's built.

Ron said...

Nick Saban connected with players when he was well into his 60s.. I worry about can he convince recruits that he's going to stay here and not go back to the NFL

Bob said...

All good comments, thank you for reading!

Brady2017 said...

If you wanted continuance, then Wink is the man. He is the architect of the Baltimore defense that Mac and Minter learned. Could have done a lot worse. I give it a 'B'. Don't ask him to recruit tho.

When has Michigan EVER gone out and gotten a big name coach? For any sport? Rich Rod was about it, as far as I can remember. And if Juwan is replaced next year, get ready for the Sadey Washington era.

Ron said...

Clinksdale is gone he changed his mind

Blue said...

These staff developments of here today gone tomorrow is like Déjà vu all over again.

It's been a snowball effect with the only members of the staff left is Campbell, Newsom, and a dietician.

Moore, Senior team leadership ,NIL collectives, all need to circle the wagons around our players and keep them from being leaving.

We can fill the staff vacancies (Wink's connections?) we can't replace our key players.

What a year this has been! Both Unbelievable Good!, and just Unbelievable!