Thursday, February 1, 2024

Michigan Thursday: Lots of DC Movement Outside of Ann Arbor

Sherrone has a tough decision to make at DC.  Bring in an experienced NFL or College guy like Mike MacDonald or Jesse Minter to run the Ravens Defense scheme.  Or promote Coach Clink and Elson to Co-DC's  keeping them on staff, which is good for recruiting and running the same scheme.   Both are out recruiting, so that is a good sign things might fall their way. 

Speaking of Coach Mac, he is now the head coach for the Seattle Seahawks.  Michigan now has 3 friendly NFL Teams in Ravens, Chargers, and Seahawks.  That should be a nice selling upside to prospective athletes on the recruiting trail.  

Jeff Hafley who was the former OSU DC and has been leading BC for a few years.  Just took the Packers DC job.   Dennard Wilson the Ravens DB coach has just accepted the Titans DC job.  Wilson was on the Michigan's big board of DC candidates.   Rumor is Chip Kelly wants an NFL OC job.  

Jesse Minter of course was announced officially to the Chargers yesterday at well.  

  • Roman made another highlight catch at the Senior Bowl practices 
  • Tennessee gets a notice of allegations from the NCAA on NIL and promptly sues them back.  Well done! 
  • Michigan Commit Lugard Edokpayi rose from #182 to #40 in the latest ON3 rankings.  That is almost in 5 star range!  Jo'Zaiah Edmond went from 252 to 101 which puts him strongly in 4 star range. 


Brady2017 said...

So Tennessee gets hit with a notice of allegations and flips the script, turning into the aggressor, and sues the NCAA. Wow. Maybe that's how you do it. Maybe Michigan just had some weak ass attorneys?

Brady2017 said...

Good for Roman Wilson! I think he's gonna do very well in the pros, maybe be the next Amon Ra St. Brown.

Brady2017 said...

I read up on all of next year's recruits and how Jimmy leaving has affected them. Nearly all of them were still solid as a rock with Michigan. I was surprised to see a couple of them were actually more interested now that Sharrone is in charge. There was just one, a 3* TE, that expressed that he would have to reconsider things without Harbaugh. So all in all, a 95% positive reaction from 'cruits and parents. That's a good sign.

Rudy said...

TN in doing what they all are doing, paying a brutha. NCAA likes to be selective with their investigations. As for DC, I like that we keep the staff in tact but both McDonald and Minter came from the outside, took good and made it better. Would like to see a Leanard do the same. $uckeyes are just chucking cash at kids, that’s where the ncaa needs to focus.

Brady2017 said...

Rudy- I agree, Leonard could take this defense to the next level. And recruit! Michigan always promotes from within tho, which has had mixed results. I see it almost as settling. But I understand rewarding those that are deserving. Sharrone said on Pat McAffey's show the staff should be complete by next week, and that there was "a couple guys on boat" that can fill the open positions.