Friday, February 23, 2024

Michigan Tuesday - Friday: Catch Up

Sorry Big House Blog readers, I had a business trip where I thought I would be able to find extra time to write the blog this week.   That clearly didn't happen, my apologies.

  • Will Johnson has been rumored to be getting huge NIL offers from other schools like Alabama.  His family says he is staying in Ann Arbor!  Thank you!  He also said on IG that he will be in the new NCAA 2025 that is expected to be released this summer. 
  • Donovan Edwards also signs an NIL deal with EA Sports and is expected to be in the game and endorse it.
  • Speaking of Alabama, you know that Keon Sabb transferred there early this week.  He had a great game against Alabama in the Rose Bowl, but the coaching staff now of course is from UW.  I'm sure there was 0 tapering going on here and everything was above board.  😠
  • Former Michigan LB coach twice, Chris Partridge has gotten a job with the Seattle Seahawks, I love how Mike MacDonald has taken care of his boys.   I know it was a messy break up with Chris, but I think he is a good coach that players love. 
  • Adrian Peterson who I walked by at the National Championship is having some money issues. 
  • Mazi Smith's didn't pay for his storage locker and some lucky guy got a ton of his old Michigan Jordan PE shoes, Legos and much more.  The guy who won the auction is going to make a killing.  That is my kind of Storage Wars! 
  • Jim seems to be hiring USC RB coach Kiel McDonald for the same role with the Chargers.  That should but to bed that rumor about Mike Hart.  
  • The hits keep coming for Michigan Basketball as Nkamhoua is out for the rest of the season with a wrist injury. 
  • Michigan Basketball also dropped another game to Northwestern.  


Brady2017 said...

Bob, glad you're back.

How is Will Johnson allowed to be approached by the redneck Alabama coaches? Isn't that the same as tampering? Will isn't in the portal, as far as I know.

And if I see one more Alabama Willie video saying "Roll Tide Roll", I'm going to puke. That guy has to be, I don't know the P.C. word, maybe impaired?

Chowman said...


It's all done back door through "unofficial" channels wink wink. Almost everybody does it.

Brady2017 said...

Chowman- That makes sense. Explains how St. Nick won all those championships, too.

Goblu said...

When does portal for Michigan players close?

BlueManGroup said...

Michigan's portal window closes tomorrow.

Chowman said...

Brady, far be it for me to be a Saban defender, but the whole Portal/NIL thing is what drove him into retirement. Look when Nick started at Bama, they were so desperate to win that the fan base would of sold their souls to the devil and there were plenty of bagmen available to buy the players Nick wanted. But I do believe Nick had built Bama into such a juggernaut that the program was relatively straightish at the end. Kids wanted to come to Bama as they knew they'd be on TV a TON and be in the CFP and a perennial favorite to win it all, and Bama gave them one of the best shots at the League. The Portal/NIL evened the playing field so to speak and don't think Nick had the desire to change what he was used to doing! It's why you're seeing a lot of the Men's BB coaching legends walking away. I'm mildly shocked that Izzo is hanging on. It's obvious that the game has passed him by due to NIL and the Portal. I think you'll see more guys do a Harbaugh and leave college for the league unless college sports puts up some guardrails.

ScottyDoggs said...

Chowman post is quite thought provoking and well thought out .... Bob should have three of you as stand-byes to write when he can't... I think "Voice of reason did some a few years ago. Do not include me because my posts are only marginally better than Michigan Mans (Aka -Bucknuts boy!)

Chowman said...

Scotty, I don't know about that, but thanks for the compliment. Just put it this way, I have my moments. There are times I can be an irrational fan and just spew stuff out of emotion.

Brady2017 said...

Chowman is on a roll. Yes, NIL has leveled the playing field, and it has become constant recruiting even to hold on to your current players.

I could post for Bob, but there might be some profanities. Lol

Rudy said...

Anyone else think it’d be cool to see the Lions draft Nugent. Just see a Lions jersey with Nugent on the back seems right.

ScottyDoggs said...

Ted Nugent better stick to rock and roll {{{LOL}}}

Brady2017 said...

Rudy- The more Wolverines on the Lions the better!