Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Michigan Tuesday: We Need To Get Defensive

Sherrone has to try to rebuild his defensive staff as Jimmy and his $45M+ over the salary cap LA Chargers has hired away the entire defensive side of the ball.   Michigan has 1 defensive coach listed on Mgoblue and its Coach Clink.  So officially, Michigan has ZERO defensive coaches.  Wink has not been officially hired as he needs to go through background checks, etc.  (please have a red flag in the background check, please have a red flag).

It seems Sherrone has hired Greg Scruggs who Coach Sherrone knew at Louisville.  Greg has coached at Cincinnati, NY Jets, and Wisconsin.   He also played in the NFL for Seattle, Bears, and Patriots.  He has 2 Super Bowl Rings! 

Other names include a familiar one in Brian Jean-Mary who was once at Michigan and is known as a great recruiter.  Brian is currently a coach at Tennessee.  Reports are he is interested in coming back to Ann Arbor with a nice raise and his buyout  covered.   Yes, please. 

Coach will need to hire a DB/Safety coach and reports are Sherrone wants one coach to coach both positions.  There is even a rumor that one candidate has been recommended by Coach Minter. 

Other names out there: Syracuse LB coach Nick Williams who coached at Colorado last season, Drew Wilkins LB coach for the Giants under Wink, and Purdue DB Coach Grant O'Brien who coached that talented group of Illinois DB's.   Yes please on Grant O'Brien. 

Either way, we need defensive coaches to keep the current roster where it is, current signed recruits, and to get on the road recruiting. 

Note: No word on the Mike Hart situation. 

  • Wow, Nick Sheridan is expected to be named Alabama OC


BlueManGroup said...

We have $10M to spend on coaches. Find the most elite recruiters and make offers they can't refuse.

Chowman said...

It's still unfathomable to me that Harbaugh poached the entire defensive staff and Herbert. I've said before I expected Minter to be gone sooner rather than later. I could even understand if Jim was trying to round out his staff and needed to pluck another guy from AA as the NFL pipeline was dried up. The hire that really pissed me off and screams FU is Herbert. S&C coaches have lower value in the NFL compared to college as most NFL players have their own guys. Is Jim just being lazy? Or is he really trying to stick it to Warde? If its the latter, there's huge collateral damage. It puts Sherrone in the hole, and it screws the fan base. Now Jim probably doesn't care because Jim has always been Jim first, foremost, and always! I figured 2024 was going to be a drop off but this goes beyond normal attrition.

Brady2017 said...

Bob- Wink will do fine. He will continue the same scheme as Mac and Minter, which keeps players from flying into the transfer portal. He's an excellent D Coordinator. He ruffled feathers w the Giants because they had some primidona asses on that team, along with the pompous N.Y. media. The kids will love him here. Who else are you going to get, Ron English?

Cormac said...

No, I think "someone" wants Cullen. But isn't he a drunk? Oh yeah, he's been SOBER for 18 years. Wink will continue the same defensive scheme because M&M learned it from him. Btw, I read that Wilkins is off the market because he went to the Patriots. The name that people should watch is Lamar Morgan. He comes highly recommended by Minter and knows the Raven's scheme.