Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Wolverine Wednesday: Update on Coaching Search

It sounds like Sherrone is close to closing out the defensive side of the ball.  Let's take a quick look at where we are at:

  • Wink Martindale has been hired as the DC.  
  • Greg Scruggs from Wisconsin has been hired as DL coach.  
  • Brian Jean-Mary, LB Coach from TN and former Michigan coach is expected to head to Ann Arbor but UT continues to try to keep BJM. 
  • Houston Texans Safeties Coach Stephen Adegoke is in the mix HIRED!
  • Lamar Morgan Louisiana DC has also interviewed and has the Minter endorsement. 
Sam Webb reports the final spot is between Stephen and Lamar. 

For me the only bad decision is Wink but if he can keep the current players happy by prepping them to play in an NFL Defense and teaching one of the new hires the Ravens Defense, then I guess it's worth it.   If he is Don Brown Part 2, it will be a disaster. 

  • Michigan is sending a record 18 players to NFL combine.  That should help recruiting. 
  • JJ continues to impress scouts that are watching tape.  If you think about it, JJ has had elite NFL QB training at Michigan.  He should be a top 10 pick.  He is not Stenson Bennett. 
  • Tiger Woods new apparel line looks a little strange.  The logo looks good but the quality of the clothes look a bit questionable. 

Top 5 Wolverines that denote Valentines Day:

#5: ROMAN Wilson
#4: Jake Butt 
#3: Colston Loveland 
#2: Jalen Rose 
#1: Mike Hart 

Yes, I understand I left out the Michigan QB.  😅💓


Ron said...

No mention of the basketball team's performance last night? There's an opening on the strength staff has anybody heard who the new assistant strength coach has been hired?

BlueManGroup said...

Bob - I think you're wrong to compare Wink to Don Brown. Wink relied on the blitz when he didn't have DBs to cover. The Giants lacked DBs. In Wink's last year with the Ravens, all of the DBs were on IR. Michigan has DBs that can cover; I expect him to be less reliant on the blitz. Having said that, the Chiefs just won back to back Super Bowls with a DC that's known for being blitz-heavy. The bottom line is that Wink is highly experienced and has a very impressive coaching tree. He's 60 (so is Harbaugh) but I assume highly motivated to leverage this opportunity to get back to the NFL next year. That's a great thing for all, IMHO.

Brady2017 said...

Love the Michigan Valentines list! 😆

How about Ian Gold? Or Mike Legg?? (Legg scored 'The Goal' by picking the puck up with his stick and wrapping it around the net and in)

Brady2017 said...

Late addition to the Michigan Valentines list- Steve Breaston

Chowman said...

BlueMan: but that's what got him a ride out of town in Baltimore. He didn't have the DBs to cover, but still put them on an island. He doesn't like to change or vary from his scheme. Who does that remind you of? Bob's right, Wink could end up being Don Brown 2.0! There's a reason NOBODY, but NOBODY pick up the phone and gave him a ring in the NFL! The NFL is a good ol' boys network so to speak and there are no secrets. A perfect example of doing the opposite was Aaron Glenn. He doesn't like to blitz, but by the stretch point of the season, his base D was generating ZERO pass rush. So he became Mr. Blitz and made Melifonwu a fan favorite! Blitzing is great when it gets home, but opens you up to big plays as well. A blitz is only effective when the O doesn't know where its coming from. Otherwise, you just attack the blitz from where its coming from.

Ron: Michigan basketball is a grease fire! Don't even attempt to watch, it just angers me. Somebody needs to check on Warde see if he's still alive. Don't expect him to fire Juwan mid season, but he how about holding the coaches accountable. Didn't think they were going to be good, but definitely didn't think they'd be the dregs of the B1G. But this is typical Warde, when things are going good, he's out there breaking his arm patting himself on the back, but when sht hits the fan, he's in witness protection.

Brady2017 said...

Michigan basketball is not good this year, wake me when it's over. If Juwan struggles again next year, I'm sure changes will be made. Juwan deserves time to adjust and recover, just like when someone here messes up on their job. Welcome to current college basketball. There are rarely any 4 year players, which is why Beilein got fed up and left, and players think they are ready for the pros after one year. Lol Some are, but 90% aren't. If Jet and Kobe Bufkin didn't want to stick around, why would any other talented freshman want to? Its a sad scene, man. The only basketball schools that can get quality classes every year are Kansas, North Carolina, and Duke because they aloquate their revenue towards BASKETBALL, not football. This is why Kansas could pay Hunter Dickenson. You're going to get a lot of sudden change from year to year. I don't like it, but it is what it is.

Bob said...

Ian Gold and Steve Breaston made me laugh. Well done!

RAS said...

No comments, just wanted to say thank you for what you do. It's always great content and the most consistent. I have been reading for years and enjoy it, keep it up!

Brady2017 said...

ADEGOKE HIRED! Home run hire, former UM grad assistant with NFL ties. Perfect.

Who called this one? Goblu? Someone in here suggested going after a young, up and coming G.A. and they nailed it. Good call!

Tom Brown said...

What about Michael Hart? Any news?