Friday, April 26, 2024

Michigan Friday: Kurt Confusion

One of the things you can always count on during the 1st round of the NFL Draft is a GM overreaching and looking like a fool.  The GM for Atlanta did just that on Thursday night and picked a 4 x seriously injured Michael Penix at #8 in the draft.  Some experts expected Michael to be a mid - late first rounder or even 2nd round.  I believe he probably wouldn't have gotten past Vegas at 13 who has a former Purdue QB as its starter. 

What is the difference between 8 and 13 your ask? $180M reasons.  Atlanta just paid Kurt Cousins $180M to be their QB for now and the next 4 years. Mike Penix is now 24, if he sits for 4 years, you will lose all value in his rookie contract and he will be 28.   The Falcons had a chance to get a starter now on defense (which they sorely need) vs. paying a guy to learn and sit on the bench for 4 years.   A horrific decision by the Falcons.  Arthur Blank must be confused as me looking for item in Home Depot.    

So that decision along with the Giants electing to go WR over JJ, pushed the talented Michigan QB to #10, where the Vikings traded up to get their guy.   The Vikings then used their other first round pick to snag Bama LB/DE Dallas Turner who the Falcons should've taken. 

Happy that JJ went in the top 10, not happy that the Lions has to face him twice a year. 

Another red flag and questionable pick for me was UCLA's Laiatu Latu who was drafted by the Colts.  Latu has had serious neck injuries in the past and was told by some Doctor's to take a medical redshirt.  The kid is very talented but when your are talking about the neck, that is a serious concern.  (Please note, I do understand that not all "medical retirements" are created equal and that it worked out for former Wolverine St-Juste who had hamstring issues).

  • Former instate 4 -star recruit OL Amir Herring has put his name in the Transfer Portal.
  • Early enrollee and true freshman LB who is also an instate kid Jeremiah Beasley has also entered the portal.  The kid has been on campus for only a few months. 
  • It's hard to know why some of these guys are jumping into the portal but the buzz is they are not happy with their NIL.  As backups and young players, I think you need to wait your turn before you start looking for a larger NIL bag. 
  • Michigan has been strangely quiet in the transfer portal so far in this spring period, sure would like to see a bit more activity at adding players/offers. 
  • Congrats to the fans that showed up for the NFL Draft and set a record with 275,000 fans.  How was the parking and $16 beers?
  • Marvin Harrison Jr. has not signed a licensing contract with the NFL PA yet and his jersey is not available for sale right now. 
  • Congrats to Worthy getting picked by the Chiefs.  Anyone looking for Gattis in the background as he celebrated with his family and friends? 😀
  • On ABC Nick Saban discussed how Bama last season was trying to get Toledo CB Quinyon Mitchell to enter the transfer portal.  Thanks for letting everyone know that "tampering" is happening all over the place. 
  • Tonight in Round 2: on Kiper's Best Available #8 FSU DT Fiske and #9 WMU Kneeland were both coached by Michigan's new DT coach Lou Esposito. 


Goblu said...

Happy for JJ, think that's a good fit for him. Except for twice a year, I hope he has great success. Twice a year, I hope our new stud CB picks JJ :)

That was a good selection by the Lions.

Brady2017 said...

Great fit for J.J. in Minneapolis. Go J.J. Go!

I think we know now how Saban got all those great players. Smh

I agree w Bob, neck and central nervous system injuries would scare me away from drafting anyone.

Loved it when the draft crowd reminded Saban who won the Rose Bowl by chanting "Let's Go Blue! Let's Go Blue! Let's Go Blue!"

Brady2017 said...

I don't see Penix being a franchise QB. Serviceable, yes. Michael Vick, no. He's got a strong arm, but so does Joe freakin Milton. Michigan had Penix seeing ghosts in the National Championship game.

Brady2017 said...

Nice job, Detroit. You showed up and showed out! Crushed the all time attendance record for the NFL draft. By a lot!

Chowman said...

I hope Hutchinson repeated drives JJ into the turf. Not literally, but figuratively. You're no longer on a team I root for, you're dead to me. Only time I'll root for an ex-wolverine is when they are playing another team that I really don't like. Otherwise, I really don't care. Entertain me, dance for me!

I wouldn't be too upset with Saban, he just did what the NCAA let him get away with. It's what I always said, the NCAA isn't going to crush the bluebloods cause they are the cash cows. The NCAA is ball-less! And before anyone brings up the Harbaugh stuff, Michigan got a slap on the wrist. If the NCAA wanted to they could of lowered the boom. I got plenty of MSU friends/relatives that are livid the Naty isn't being taken away. Just tell them that's how the big business of college football is done!